Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 65: My Pre-Birthday Week Begins!

"Talking to an old friend 
makes you realize 
how much your life 
has changed."

My first-born angel turns 16 tomorrow. Whee!

Mimosa was due July 26, and that seemed nicely separate from my own birthday — but as her actual arrival date inched closer and closer to August and she showed no signs of vacating my ladygarden, I grew restive.

I LOVE my birthday. It is my favorite of all holidays, bar none. (Sorry, Jesus.) My BF Lady Darcy once gave me a huge 4x4-inch plastic keychain, bright orangey-gold, emblazoned with the words MY BIRTHDAY IS AUGUST 10. Oh, how I loved it! (But alas, it broke.)

And I was fully prepared to love this new baby too, but not to share my birthday with it.

When it became clear that Baby M was upside down and I'd need to have a C-section, her birthday was chosen for her — and it wasn't my birthday, but it cut into my birthday week. (I consider every day from August 1 on to be the prelude to my birthday.) Granted, I was distressed on many levels at that point, but this was the thing I chose to fixate on. "Can't we tell her that her birthday's actually in May?" I begged Husband. "She won't know, and no one ever remembers when their friends' kids were born!" Husband, God bless him, was going along with anything I wanted at that point.

However, good sense finally won out — we already have way too many family events in May. August 5 it was (and is).

But I've learned that I can celebrate many things at once, and there's plenty of pre-birthday hoopla to go around — everyone gets a share! And today my personal hoopla began — I was invited to lunch by my dear friend of almost two decades, Miss Sleepy Susan herself. We met at Za, and I had the most delicious beet, goat cheese, and hazelnut salad, and then we shared a pizza comprising multi-colored heirloom tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted garlic, basil, and three cheeses, and YUM. Such a flavorful and toothsome meal!!! And Susan gave me a vintage middle-grade book that I've been coveting forever, Mrs. Purdy's Children by Ruth Loomis, and I can't wait to hunker down and reread it.

But the very best part was spending several hours one on one with an old dear friend. We know each other through Betsy-Tacy, and usually when we get together it's in a small group; rarely do we have uninterrupted time for a long comfy chat. So today was glorious on many levels, as we talked of shoes and ships and sealing wax, aging parents, how our inner selves often don't match our outer selves, blogging, weight, insecurities, juicing, favorite books as children, and horseback riding, and we laughed and laughed and it was simply glorious.

And then Mimosa and I went shopping for Husband's birthday (yes, another August baby — August is a real festival at the Chardonnay homestead) and stopped at Barnes and Noble to browse and have a drink (me: San Pellegrino water) and a treat (Mimosa: a chocolate fudge cupcake the size of her head), and it's been a lovely day (which started with a walk to Starbucks, and then I sat on their lovely patio taking in the lovely morning air and enjoying my coffee and a magazine; I saw three friends and had some nice chats and patted a beautiful white dog. And when I got home, I lifted weights and worked my core. A perfect start to the day!).

Oh, and I should note that I did take my walk yesterday, as promised, and as I prepared to ascend Cardiac Crest, carrying a carton of milk, a carton of cream, a carton of OJ, a carton of soy milk, a loaf of white-whole-wheat bread, and three dark chocolate bars for Mimosa's birthday, Nurse Kathy pulled up next to me and offered me a ride. And I leapt into her car in gratitude, flinging my bundles to the back seat, totin' the weary load no more!
No. No I did not do that. I said, "Nurse Kathy, I must walk up this hill, and walk I must." She said, "Good for you!" But then we stayed in the street yakking for another 40 minutes, there's always so much to talk about!

Oh! How I love my friends!!!!!!

Yesterday I also put away almost an entire enormous bottle of sangria with the Sisters Hart and Brunie. I love those friends too, I just don't remember them very clearly.

Betsy was given beautiful presents at that fifth birthday party. . . .
But the nicest
present she received was not the usual kind of
present. It was the present of a
friend. It was Tacy.
Betsy-Tacy (1940), p. 14             

Lady C, friend to all

(particularly after most of a bottle of sangria)


  1. It sure was simply glorious and no mistake! I think you're a perfect peach, Lady C. and you definitely make my world sweeter, brighter and lots more fun than if you weren't in it. Hooray for the beginning of your season of celebration and Happy Sweet Sixteen to Mimosa, too! Love from your SDF (very sleepy at this hour!)

    1. Thank you so much, my dear friend of so many years! It was a perfect afternoon!