Monday, August 5, 2013


On Mrs. Cynicletary's advice I prepared to resubmit my long-overdue Penguin invoice to to both the client and Accounts Payable, along with my W-9 and other related paperwork, bearing the words SECOND NOTICE – 90 DAYS PAST DUE. Crazytown.

And as I went through all my paperwork looking for the mailing address for Accounts Payable (I wanted to send it via the kind of mail where a human has to sign for it when it's delivered), I saw this:
Invoice queries should continue to be directed . . . by calling 1-888-555-5555.
I thought — huh. Well, that would be a lot easier and cheaper than sending all this mail, wouldn't it?

And after a nice chat with Jayakumar in Accounts Payable (seriously, that is his name), I re-e-mailed all my stuff to Accounts Payable, I got a confirmation notice within minutes, this all happened last Tuesday, and today, the 16th anniversary of my daughter's birth, Day 2 of my birthday week hoopla, today I got a nice fat check from Penguin in the mail!!! Only 96 days late!!!

Yeah. I'm done with them. But it is very nice to be paid at last.

Daughter is having a lovely birthday, though Broadway Rock Camp is a tiny bit of a disappointment; she's the oldest one there by kind of a lot and, as she says, "Did you know that 12 year olds can be really annoying?" Sister, you're killing me softly with your song. But they're going to do selections from Hair, Hairspray, Fame, Rock of Ages, Footloose, Grease, Schoolhouse Rock, The Wedding Singer, and a couple more I've forgotten, and I said, Ignore the kids, concentrate on the fun music, and she agreed that was a good idea.

Today was fine, I actually put a light jacket on (over my nightie) while I worked, the air was so chilly! Particularly if you're sitting still by an open window staring at a computer screen. And we had a magnificent meal at Macaroni Grill, daughter's choice, and we're about to watch the season finale of Falling Skies, and then I'll take a bath and call it a night.

I am very happy that it's August, but I'm really ready for all of them to go back to school. Hmm, wonder if Husband (who has bronchitis, by the way, and is still coughing like he's trying to pass his spleen through his vocal tract) will be well by then?

Ah well. I will go immerse myself in the problems of alien invasion and human survival, and maybe that will give me some perspective.

(Work continues to be crazybusy, which probably plays a huge part in why I'm cranky.)

—Lady C, ready to go all medieval on some Skitters


  1. Hurray, a fat check is good anytime, and especially during birthday month!
    Mrs. Cynicletary

    1. For sure!! Thanks again for your sage advice. Though now we know that Sage Advice Piece #1 should be, "Do they have an 800 number? Why don't you start there, Dopey Girl?" :)