Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 70: An Early Birthday Present!

Today is Weigh-In Day, and yes, I lost all that fake weight yesterday through sweat, but I figured I'd balanced the scales, so to speak, with a restaurant lunch: 1.5 rolls with olive oil, a small Caesar salad, and half a small spicy salami pizza (the other half of which I ate at dinner). Dang me, it was good! (No wine though, I'll tell you why in a minute.) So, I think this morning's scale reading is fairly realistic.

Today's weight: 250 !!!

I've lost a full seven pounds, a seventh of a pound per week. If I can continue at this slow, steady rate, I will be at my dream weight in just over two years. That is indeed long and slow, but at least it's within sight.

I dreamed of being back in the '40s by my birthday, but still. This is movement! In the right direction! After an entire year of plateau!

And that is a very nice birthday gift indeed.

OK, so here's the alcohol story. Remember when I saw the new dermatologist ages ago (before I had the surgery that ravaged my face, my beautiful face!)? Among other things, she diagnosed a yeast infection around my fingernail beds, which I had given to myself through my constant habit of picking at my cuticles.

(Brunie said, "I thought you got it from putting your hands where you shouldn't!" I said, "Oh, yeah, I like to get both hands right in there." No. That is not how I got it. Pervs.)

She gave me an ointment to rub on my cuticles two to five times a day, but here's the thing: The ointment has the texture of runny Vaseline. I put it on my cuticles, but my entire finger is greasy and gummy within seconds. And consider what I spend my days doing: working on a computer, cooking, reading. There are very few moments when having greasy, gummy fingers will work for me. Even at night, I read a book or watch TV before I go to sleep, resulting in greasy fingerprints on book pages or a greasy TV remote. So . . . I didn't use the medicine like I was supposed to. But I have tried very very hard to quit picking, and I'm 90 percent there.

The dermo made a deal with me: If I would continue to try to stop and if I would use the medicine at night, she would give me a pill I could take once a week for a few months. The only drawback is that I can't drink alcohol within three days of taking the pill. I take it on Wednesdays, so I'm supposed to be abstinent till Friday at midnight.

While I'm being treated, in fact, she wants me to only have one glass of wine at a sitting, which of course I totally blew last week on what I'm calling Sangria Day. O my poor liver. But she tested my liver first, and it is strong! powerful! resilient! I'm feeling confident.

But I'm not an idiot, so I am trying hard to adhere to these guidelines. I remember to put the ointment on at least every other night, if not every night, and my cuticle beds are a thing of beauty. It would be wonderful to fully kick this terrible habit at last.

(Seriously, I don't even know I'm doing it most of the time. I have fingerless gloves that I wear when I'm editing in the winter — it gets cold in my dining room — and I swear I need to wear them all the time, because I'll be editing something, lost in the zone, and then realize that I've been pick-pick-picking for the last five minutes. Crazytown.)

I may try on The Dress today with Spanx and see how it looks. It fits, like I said, it's just really tight. But I'm seven pounds down, let's just see.

I'll keep you posted!

—Lady C, of the beautiful cuticle beds


  1. Your poor cuticles! I do hope that they improve without too much sacrifice! Think of the Reward Sangria when they're all healed up and the picking habit broken! (Because I believe that rewarding oneself with adult beverages is a perfectly legitimate thing to do.)

    1. Ooh, Reward Sangria! I like you you think, sistergirl!

      I persevere. They're looking okay. I think it's a 12-week process and I'm on, like, Week 2. Don't start chillin' the Reward Sangria yet, is my point.

  2. Happy almost birthday, Lady C.! Hope it's a wonderful birthday weekend! -- SDF

    1. Thanks, angel, and thanks again for getting it off to a great start! I hope your time in my native state is as good as it can be, given the circumstances. You are such a gift to your family, and I hope there's comfort in that.