Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 73: Simply Having a Wonderful Birthday-Time!

Until That Moment, Bob Hadn't Realized How She Felt!
Now, He Didn't Know What to Think . . .

My birthday was sublime! I was showered with presents and kisses and love, I ate fabby food and drank yummy fizzy lifting drinks, I spent the days fore and aft with some of my favorite people on the planet, the sun shone, my hair looked terrific.

On Friday, my Birthday Eve, I went to Target and found attractive, affordable patio cushions (I will scrub my old stained ones today and see how nice I can make them look — but I'm happy to have a good Plan B). Then I had a delicious lunch with the delicious Mrs. Cynicletary, who gave me fabulous chardonnay and a gorgeous new dress! I plan to live in it.

Our server put a candle in my strawberry shortcake and sang to me, which was very sweet. And I made a tasty veggie-pasta casserole for dinner, which everyone loved, and had a fun night watching The Office with Li'l Martini, his new obsession.

And then Saturday a.m. I slept in till 9, which I almost never do but felt very luxurious, and then feasted on champagne and almond croissants and bacon and hot strong coffee, and opened presents presents presents! Lady Darcy made me the coolest collage of photos she took of streets with the names of my immediate family — I love it so much! (And she sent tons of other wonderful presents and a fat newsy letter — so awesome!) Her dad, whom I've known since I was 18, grows oregano, and he gave me a personalized jar of his finest, and I got a little weepy when I opened it; Lady D lost her mom last year, and her dad is such a peach. Parents should live forever.

And Husband did the cutest thing; he has all these vintage comic panels, and he made eight cards for me, with hilarious captions he dreamed up himself. ("Bob," above, might be my favorite, but they are all excellent. I see a huge Anne Taintor-like future for him!) His presents for me were wonderful. The funniest was a pair of "workout gloves" ('cause I'm such a jock now, don'tcha know), which I plan to wear to zumba this week. Or maybe the funniest was the adorable wind-up babygirl, since I'm always telling him I need another baby. (Which I don't. Except when I see a really cute one. My uterus is an idiot.)

His sweetest present didn't actually come to fruition, but in this case the thought truly does count. The farm where I get my CSA share has, among other critters, a llama, which can sometimes be seen walking up and down Mass Ave. Husband called the farm to see if the llama would make a birthday house call. How amazing is that? If a llama came to my door on my birthday, I would go Kristen-Bell-sloth-in-the-house batshit.

(And then I would kiss the llama a hundred times because, hey — birthday llama.)

Something interesting and kind of awesome that happened is that I had a strong urge to move my body and get some exercise, which is so unlike my usual self!! But it was my birthday and I honored all my impulses, so off to the bike path I went! And sometimes exercise is like moving through molasses, but on that day my muscles were silky and ready to glide, and the weather was breezy and beautiful, and I had a great walk. And then I had sushi for lunch and honored my impulse to order (and eat) everything I wanted . . .

. . . and learned that sometimes my impulses are really, really bad and wrong.

Oh! it was so delicious. Oh! did I eat too much! I was very uncomfortable afterward, cradling my overfull tummy like I was about to birth a tiny sushi baby.

So when Good Neighbor Anne came over to join me for a birthday drink, we instead had a birthday stroll around the block, a birthday icepack for my arthritic knee, and some birthday cold water. But it was awesome, we sat on her porch and yakked for hours, which we haven't had a chance to do in ages. She is right across the street, and yet we can go weeks without seeing each other. It's terrible. But this was a perfect birthday treat!

It was just a great, fantastic, wonderful day, and I felt happy and loved.

And then we did Mimosa's progressive birthday party the next day, and it was fantastic and she had a total blast. So all in all — a pretty kickin' weekend!

And today — boo-hoo, Husband leaves for a week in Hyde Park, N.Y., I'll be a single mama. It'll be okay, though; he's been sleeping in the basement with his bronchitis for almost the entire month of July, it may not feel all that different. I will miss him, though.

Off to scrub some patio cushions! That's a big disgusting job, it should distract me from missing my man.

(Hey, does my writing look a year older?)

Lady C


  1. Happy birthday! You look fantastic!

    1. Thank you, my glamorous friend! In general, I try not to expose my aging bare knees, but I do like this picture.

  2. HURRAY on all counts!
    Mrs. Cynicletary
    p.s. I have outstanding taste in friends and dresses.

    1. YEAH you do. See you soon!

      p.s. Everyone concurs. That dress is a winner! Husband thanks you too. :)

  3. Hi This is a blast from the past and a hi from your old nanny friend Sandie. Happy Birthday week! I am enjoying your blog. It sounds just like I remember you-especially the sangria. If you want to catch up I am on facebook-Sandie Gittel Husby. Keep up the good work!

    1. Sandie, WOW! What a surprise! How on earth did you find my blog??

      I still have the beautiful quilt you made for me, hanging over our marital bed - for 20 years now! (and yes, I am exactly as you remember me from our nanny days, much as I would like to claim greater wisdom and maturity) :)

      Alas, I'm not on the - how you say? - "fâchebük" thingy (I spend way too much of my life in front of a computer already) but you can always find me here. What a nice treat to hear from you! (Is Emma... 21, 22 now? YOWZA.)

  4. What a spectacular, perfect birthday season! I love the picture of you -- you and the dress were made for each other. It sounds like you had lovely celebrations, but your love for and from the people in your life is clearly "the nicest present you received"! -- SDF

    1. Thank you, sweetheart! Yes, and yes!

      (Mrs. Purdy was just as dear as I remembered it! And it was such a joy to place it on my bookshelves with the other old favorites. I am slowly recreating my elementary school library!!)

  5. Expected llamas may be nice but unexpected ones can be a little unsettling. I was driving home from work one day when my, too old to have daycare but too young to be home alone too long, children called me on my cell phone. “Hey mom, there’s a llama in our backyard!” “A llama?” I asked. “Are you sure”” I know, dumb question. They were old enough to know a llama when they saw one, but that’s what one says when a llama shows up in your yard unexpectedly. The only reasonable explanation was that the errant beast belonged to a not very friendly neighbor a few houses down. I recalled a sign for children’s birthday parties and thought perhaps they had the farm version of an exotic petting zoo. The gates were open so I stopped in and knocked on the door. It opened a crack and half of a face peered out at me. “What do you want?” asked half-face, sizing me up. I spread my hands to show I had no pamphlet or clipboard and cheerfully explained that there is a llama in our backyard and inquired if it might, by chance belong to her. “Nope, not our llama” she said decisively and slammed the door. I stood there for a few seconds staring at the closed door before I knocked again. Half face wearily opened the door again. “Y-e-s?” “Are you sure it’s not your llama?” I asked, “because we have one in our backyard.” She gives a huge sigh and yelled out in the direction of the barn. “Nancy, is Larry the llama there?” Nancy yelled back, “Yep, he’s here.” Half-face shrugged her half-shoulder as if to say, “See I told you so,” but instead said, “Not our llama,” and shuts the door again. By this time my brain told me to move on and get back into the car, but Lord help me, my feet won’t move. So I knocked on the door one last time. “Are you sure?” I asked again. “Because we DO have a llama in our backyard and the last time I checked NO ONE else in the neighborhood has llamas.” Then half-face sighed again and finally confirmed that Nancy didn’t actually look into Larry’s stall to see if he was really there. Soon Larry the llama was safety returned to his home. That is our family llama story – shared with you for your birthday. Now you will understand why, when trying to find the rightful owner of, perhaps, an item laying around the house, you will hear the response, “Nope, not my llama!”

    1. I *love* this story and am now DYING to use the phrase, "Nope, not our llama." And I will say it DECISIVELY.