Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 76: Exhausted By My Yard

I Googled the above phrase to find a good image for today's post and laughed when I got to this one. I'm not sure what is has to do with the title, but this is pretty much what my back looks like right now, from doing yardwork in a tank top and sports bra. Too funny.

But my yard is looking so pretty, and I'm just about done! (Except today I took a trip to my side yard to replant a rhododendron, and yeesh, it's a jungle over there; I will need to do some serious pruning. Fortunately, this is a job I can usually interest the children in — they love to use hedge clippers.)

I have two gardens in front, and the one to the right is where I usually focus my attention; it's bigger and much more prominent. The one to the left mostly comprises bushes and looks okay even when overgrown with weeds, so it's easier to ignore. But today I got very motivated, pulled every last weed, dug up the aforementioned rhododendron (which had been slowly growing in the direction of another bush and was now practically entwined with it, which looked really, really stupid), planted a potted hydrangea that I've had since Martini graduated from fifth grade, and dug up three rocks the size of a baby's head.

I am weary.

Tomorrow, after I drop off Mimosa at Broadway Rocks! camp, I will pick up two pretty plants (I'm thinking coleus) at Home Depot, which is right next door, plus some more black mulch, and finish making this garden beautiful. Then I will sew ties on to my newly washed patio cushions (which look . . . not so great, but certainly better. Significantly better) so they don't blow off the chairs; the bottom cushions have ties but the top ones don't, don't ask me why. I sewed ties on a few years ago, in fact, but they eventually gave out (since I am terrible with these cushions and leave them out all year long. Yes, I have learned my lesson).

Anyway, it's all looking very nice, it's cost very little, and it's so satisfying to see what I can do with my own two hands. I will hold off on buying my gorgeous new cushions until editing work picks up again; I think all my clients are on vacation right now. I have several jobs on the horizon but nothing's hit yet. Tomorrow's timesheet may only have 10 hours on it, which is a little startling after weeks and weeks of 30+! But it'll be okay.

I'm chairing a meeting of my church committee tonight, yet all I want to do is collapse in a hot tub. At least my committee is fun. And my awesome co-chair and I are committed to keeping the meeting to 90 minutes; my collapse can begin in less than four hours.

Three hours and 59 minutes.

Three hours and 58 minutes.

I'm going to be a barrel of fun tonight!

— Lady C, fatigued

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