Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 82: Mini-Golf Yourself Thin!

(Alternate title: The One With the Big Orange Dinosaur)

The kids are finally done with all their camps and other summer activities (Mimosa's show was fantastic; she played many parts and sang and danced beautifully, and I especially enjoyed her as a sassy urchin in Little Shop of Horrors), we've finished celebrating all the August birthdays (Husband's was Monday; he shares his natal day with Bill Clinton and Tipper Gore, and we feted him with bagels and good Mexican and a pile of fun presents), my patio is a thing of beauty (the little cherub next door, five years old, "helped" me sew on the cushion ties; she starts kindergarten in September, and I see a Betsy-Tacy giving opportunity . . . !), and I don't have any work scheduled, save one job for today.

In other words:

It's finally time to kick back and enjoy summer!

Yesterday we went miniature golfing in Saugus, our favorite place. We are very very bad at mini-golf, but we do have fun. (Poor Husband had to stay home and work; he's desperate to finish all the bells and whistles for an online course he's teaching this fall — but he thinks he'll be done today or tomorrow and can then come play with us.) Li'l Martini made a hole in one, which he crowed about for the rest of the day. We all laughed a lot over our combined suckage. Such a gorgeous breezy day, it was great fun to golf alongside the highway.

Our post-golf treat was an early dinner at Fuddrucker's (nothin's more fun than fuddruckin'!), and even though my meal was laden with calories, I am nonetheless proud of myself: We got the smallest burgers and shakes, eschewed fries, and left feeling satisfied and happy rather than over-stuffed and uncomfortable. And then I took a vigorous walk at dusk and a long hot bath, and this morning my weight was down in the '40s again. I am very hopeful about this week's weigh-in! (Perhaps I'll spend Thursday night in a sauna . . .)

Other plans for the last two weeks of summer include a day at the beach, bowling, a drive-in movie (if we can get the drive-in to cooperate and finally show something we want to see), a frozen yogurt taste-off, dinner at the new local burger joint: Retro Burger (and "retro" means '70s rather than '50s [think KISS posters], which sounds awesome to me), and making s'mores on our patio — and it will all culminate in a weekend at our craptastic motel in Seabrook, New Hampshire, for which Mimosa and I are stockpiling a bunch of library books, mostly recommended by Brunie. Fun!

And I am not stressing over the lack of work. I have three giant jobs coming in September, we will get the enormous credit card bill paid soon (did I mention that the washer and dryer broke and needed service? and that we needed a new water heater? sigh), work will resume, all will be well.

Zumba tonight! And all sorts of yummy fresh produce from my CSA share yesterday; I will snack on cherries all day. But I do have a biggish job to get done, so back to it I go.

— Lady C, working girl


  1. We went min. golfing when we first moved here. I expected the garish laden plastic outdoor carpet extravaganza next to a busy highway outing and boy was I surprised to find spacious tasteful landscaping amongst a private setting with assorted water features that include swans, topped by an airy clubhouse with views and all, a crowd-free fun experience. You did not have to be good at golf, but the courses made you feel like you were good – no plastic figures or rushing through your shots. Lots of options to go the hard or easy route. Lots of privacy when you fished your ball out of the “natural” streams running through the course. And then all sorts of sitting areas as if you had nothing better to do than relax vs. play golf. When they shut down during the economy crunch several years ago it was a betrayal. The saddest part is that I can’t take you the NEXT time you visit us and now I am spoiled forever...

    1. Wow, that sounds so cool! Maybe it will reopen when the economy picks up....? Looking forward to seeing you this fall, maybe!!