Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 85: Forty-Nine Is Feelin' Fine!

I didn't post yesterday just in case it was a fluke, but after three weigh-ins at this weight, I'm declaring it official: My weight is now in the '40s! Albeit the 240s rather than the 140s, my distant dream, but still. I weigh 249. I've lost eight pounds since I reset the clock and jump-started my efforts 85 days ago.



At last!!!!!!!

FatSecret is not jumping up and down, sniffing that it will take me 47 months to reach my goal. Yeah, you know what, FatSecret? . . . Never mind.

I do wish I were more diligent about logging my food, but I never even think to do it. I guess I can be fully mindful of just one good new health habit at a time, and for the moment my focus is my infected cuticles. Honestly, I think of them every hour, mostly in terms of, Don't pick! or Stop picking! when I find myself doing it absent-mindedly. I'm on week 5, I think, of 12 weeks of medicine, so I'm also thinking about when I can and can't have a glass of wine. (Last night: no! Tonight: yes!) But it's paying off; my poor inflamed cuticles are only a little bit pinker than the rest of my finger and don't seem swollen at all, to my untrained eyes anyway.

But I'm being much better about making sure that I move a little bit (or a lot bit) every day — and I can feel the difference when I don't. It doesn't take a ton of mindfulness on my part, which is huge.

Plans for today:
  • Chores (of course)
  • Write a dozen or so thank-you notes to last year's committee chairs at my church (something I've had on my list all summer — I usually don't procrastinate like this! But I'm determined to get it done before our church year officially starts September 8)
  • Start an editing job that's due Monday
  • Walk to my neighbor's house and drop off our shared CSA basket
  • Power-wash two of our inside trash cans, which are lined with crud on their bottoms and kind of stinky — so! glamorous!
I'm picturing the thank-you-note-writing happening on my newly beautiful patio (as the newly sparkling trash cans dry on my driveway) whilst I sip sangria. Blogger Dawn gave me three huge bottles of Yellowtail red wine that she didn't want, and while it's not so great for drinking by itself, it makes perfectly divine sangria.

It's going to be a beautiful day here in Arlington, Mass., and I shall dive into it soonest!

But first, some coffee.

—Lady C, a girl of 100 lists

p.s. Last summer, I distinctly remember a feeling I got around June, stepping onto Mass Ave on what felt like the first summer day, wearing a T-shirt and capris and fake-tanned legs, and I felt distinctly lighter. I've been waiting to have that feeling again — and I finally do! It seems ridiculous that one pound could make such a difference, but going from 250 to 249 . . . I'm skipping on a cloud, man.

p.p.s. Happy birthday to my dear little blog, which turned 2 on Wednesday!

That's also Nurse Kathy's birthday, and I forgot to call her. I will add "late birthday card" to my thank-you note plans for the day. Oh, and one of HoneyBear's moms just had a grapefruit-sized tumor removed; I should send her a card too.

As for my own birthday thank-yous — that's on tomorrow's list. One day at a time, my friends.


  1. Hooray for you! Congrats on making it to the 40s!!

    1. Thank you, honey bunny! Of course I hope my stay here will be brief and I continue down the slope . . . but it's great to be here, AGAIN, AT LAST.