Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 88: If Steely Determination Were People, I'd Be CHINA!!!

  • Me, to Mimosa: I know I should walk tonight, but I really don't want to.
  • Mimosa: Go on, it'll be healthy.
  • Me: But it's hooooottttttttt.
  • Mimosa: You'll work off that Madrona Burger.
  • Me: Yes, but . . . Fine.
I squeezed into my workout clothes, sweating, sweating. It is so humid and sticky today! Then I clumped downstairs and saw Li'l Martini, and decided to try my wiles on him:
  • Me: I don't want to walk. It's so hoooootttttt.
  • Martini: Man UP! C'mon!
Funny kids.

But the minute I got outside I was grateful that they're so bossy. It's a gorgeous night, not humid at all (what on earth is going on inside my house?? Where is all this moist air coming from?), and my muscles were like silky liquid. It was a great walk, gorgeous pink sunset, and I did my full route, 2.37 miles (if I recall correctly — J and I drove it one night, and she faithfully recorded the odometer reading fore and aft).

And by the way, I was down another pound this morning! So exciting.

Today we did indeed have burgers at Madrona Tree, also garlic fries, also frappes, but (1) that was my only meal for today, besides a bowl of Grape-Nuts and skim milk, and (2) it was all organic.

Up next: Who's Line Is It Anyway?, bath, book, bed. All good!

Big job coming tomorrow, I'll be sitting all day, it's doubly good that I pushed myself tonight.

—Lady C, icon of willpower and follow-through



  1. I LOVE Who's Line Is It Anyway?!!!! Is it weird that I find you even more my kindred spirit after knowing this?

    Final test to see if we truly are kindred: Is Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect your spirit animal the way she is mine?

    1. OF COURSE we are kindred spirits! I'm a Who's Line fine from way way back. Remember Josie Lawrence, Mike McShane? But I love the new guys too. I have a crush on Jeff Davis.

      And OF COURSE I love Fat Amy, though, oh dear, this may be a deal breaker: I am equal parts Fat Amy (fat, sassy, confident, loving) and Aubrey (bossy, exacting, a perfectionist -- this is why I'm a copy editor -- and willing to work as hard as I expect everyone else to work). Can we still be kindred spirits???