Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 79: Holding Steady

Bad news: I haven't lost any more weight.

Good news: I haven't gained any weight! I'm holding steady at 250, and some mornings I'm actually 249. It really does feel like I've broken through my plateau. There will be big movement, any day now!

(Ew, I know that sounds like poo. Sorry!)

Bad news: Seventy-five percent of weight loss is diet, not exercise. Clearly I eat too much. I have to eat less. Period.

Good news: I had ice cream three times this week and still didn't gain weight. It will not be hard to eschew ice cream. I'm also being good about following my doctor's orders and not drinking alcohol during my three-day medication period. I am ready to eat less. I can do this!

Bad news: I blew off church today, and someone I like a lot was doing the sermon.

Good news: This was my first headache-free morning since Thursday! I reveled in the lack of pain and opened the birthday box from my dearest friend Mrs. Fog Dog. (She mailed it later than she wanted to, but elected not to spend $70 to get it here on my actual birthday — which I completely understand and support! And it was a nice treat a week later.) I also finished reading Scandal in the City by Holly Denham, which was adorable, and drank coffee and wrote a couple of e-mails and had a lovely, fun, productive morning. And I will e-mail the person I like and ask her to share her sermon with me, and maybe it will lead to a get-together, which would be grand. She is very smart and cool.

I have been in my nightie all morning — time to get showered, get the clean laundry upstairs to be folded, and get those blasted ties sewn to the patio cushions, something I've meant to do all week but haven't got to yet. But today is the day! This is my vow.

— Lady C, getting busy


  1. Headache It is because of the stress. You should take coffee for your stress relaxation.

    Kopi Luwak

    1. Thank you, I think you're right! Coffee is key.

      (Newswoman Andrea Mitchell, who is known to be rather tightly wound, was once asked what she does to relax, and she snapped, "I DRINK COFFEE." I love this!!)