Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 106: Does This Anxiety Make Me Look Fat?

I thought I'd be down another pound this Friday, I've been skirting a new weight all week, but when the "All clear!" drinkin' whistle blew . . . I may have succumbed. Maybe even a little earlier than sundown on Friday.

It's been quite the week!

Apologies to all of you who worried that you might be the "old friend" who upset me, which I alluded to in my last post. Nope — that particular friend knows what's going on (and isn't reading my blog right now). Suffice it to say: If you and I are not currently engaged in a tense discussion of the state of our friendship, all is well!

(Sigh. All is not well, and I am very upset about all of this.)

My cuticles also bore the brunt of it, which is a drag, because I've been so dedicated to hand-healing! But now I'm back to being dedicated, and I do think that the combo of Prohibition-inducing oral meds and the super-sticky hand cream I remember to apply about every third night are helping. I just looked under a bright light, and my nail beds don't look inflamed at all.

And my nails are painted in a jazzy design of black, white, and plum splotches on a periwinkle background, very Jackson Pollock. Today I plan to wear a periwinkle shirt and a black pencil skirt and black sandals and silver waterfall earrings; I'm "interviewing the minister" during the Time for All Ages, and it will be fun. Though I slept on my hair funny and it's dented on one side. Ah, I have a few hours; let's see what magic I can do with a curling iron. And prayer.

Tomorrow I bring my 15-year-old car to its 100K-mile checkup, which I know will be a big bill; I'm girding my loins in anticipation. Then I will come home and blanket my editing clients with pleas for work (disguised as a cheerful "just checking in!" note). And then I will call a temp agency and make an appointment. So, yay, a plan — just one I'm not excited about. In any way. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Zumba was funny this week. A little while ago the Italian Spitfire said that she's going to start offering two Wednesday night classes, Zumba Gold for people over 55 and then regular zumba.
  • Me: I am totally doing Zumba Gold!
  • Spitfire: No you're not, you're too young.
  • Me: I'm 55. I'm 55 and a HALF!
(I'm only 51, but c'mon! Close enough.)

The Italian Spitfire frowned at me, then she turned to the rest of the class and said "How about you guys?" She looks straight at my old Dallin-school-mom friend Skinny Ann.
  • Skinny Ann: I'll probably do the over-55.
  • Spitfire: YOU'RE NOT 55.
  • Me: Yes she is! We went to each other's birthday parties, and I distinctly remember her blowing out 55 candles!!
We gave each other thumbs-ups, while the Spitfire glared at us.

So I did go to Zumba Gold this week, predicting that the Spitfire would yell at me, and she did. But I convinced her to let me try it, and I must say: That was the day I took a morning walk with Good Neighbor Anne, so zumba was my second big exercise of the day, and while my knees were feeling it the next day, enough for me to turn down an enticing invitation to walk with Writer Jenny, I was more tired than crippled, which is awesome. I also had an ingrown toenail Wednesday night, which was KILLING ME, so that is perhaps not the best night to consider my true test case; I think I will likely push myself a little harder next week.

(I cured my ingrown toenail with dental floss. Seriously! I love the Internet!!!)

But if I don't feel like I'm getting a good workout from Zumba Gold, I'll just switch to the other class. No prob!

(But I probably should have walked with Writer Jenny. I bet my weight would've been down then. And I would've stewed less. C'est la vie. And we do have a walky date for this Thursday, the first day of Sukkot, and I am very psyched to see her!)

So, in review, here's what I'm stewing about:
  • The scale needle that won't drop
  • The old friendship that may be ending
  • The nonexistent work and the ever-present bills
  • The elderly car that may not survive another year
  • The need to go a scary new temp agency
And — drum roll, please:
  • The big fat nodule in Left Boob that may or may not be cancer!!!
But my nail beds are a thing of beauty, and I clipped the hedges on Friday and the yard looks very nice. And boy can I feel that in my biceps, so I know my muscles are doing their part for my metabolism. And I did 22 throw-downs yesterday; slowly, slowly, the number increases, and core strength is always something to applaud. And Brunie and I just made a date for an outing in October that I am beyond excited about — stay tuned for more on that!

Husband always says, "Some people see the glass as half full, some people see it as half empty. My wife says, 'Who left a glass here, and why do I have to pick it up???'"

(Husband and I have a hot date coming up, too — our 20th wedding anniversary! I will start getting excited about that.)

OK, time to get dressed for church.

—Lady C, child of God


Li'l Martini is sitting behind me coloring a map for his geography class.
  • Li'l Martini: What is your blog about today?
  • Me: Things I'm worried about and what I'm wearing to church.
A pause.
  • Martini: Is it even still about your weight loss???

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