Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 118: It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...

Whee! Today is my china or platinum anniversary, depending on whether you're old-school or newfangled. Or a little kinky-boots, in which case it's the Bryan Cranston anniversary. Bryan Cranston! Bryan Cranston! I am so so SO excited!!! (We are seeing All the Way tonight at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, which has gotten simply smashing reviews. And we have front-row tickets! And Michael McKean — Lenny! — is playing J. Edgar Hoover!!)

But I'm also thinking of my besty Lady Darcy, whose husband CPA Boy gets the results of a medical test today, and it's possible that the news will be, at the least, a tad disconcerting. Today is definitely the assortment pack of emotions.

As I wrote to Brunie:
Lady D and her husband find out what's going on for sure on Sept. 26, my 20th wedding anniversary, the day I meet Bryan Cranston as LBJ since I'll be sitting in the front row and perhaps tossing him my panties. A big day for us all, in other words, but especially Bryan Cranston.
Bryan Cranston!!!

I've never seen even one second of Breaking Bad, my deep love for this actor is all from Malcolm in the Middle, most particularly his delivery of these, my favorite lines in the entire series:

  • Lois: If it's so obvious I need a little human consideration, I shouldn't even have to ask.
  • Hal: Geez, honey . . . that's never going to happen. 
  • Lois: What?
  • Hal: We're not smart enough to do that. You might as well ask us all to be a foot taller.
            [Lois gapes]
  • Hal: I mean, look at this half-baked celebration. And we're at the top of our game here! Honey, the only thing that we're ever going to be able to offer you is our total abject obedience. I — I know that doesn't sound like much, but if you look at this way, our meager abilities are yours completely — 100 percent!
It's a master actor who can make this sound like the most romantic speech ever. Husband and I quote "We're at the top of our game here!" all the time.

So — let's go back 20 years. I woke up to an empty house; my family was over at California Park setting up chairs and tables. Husband tells this great story of my mom rushing up to him and a groomsman, shrieking, "No no no! The cake table can't go next to the Tower of Crudites!" and then rushing off again.

Note: Not one of the tables was labeled.

In any way.

The men were somewhat . . . stupefied. (Though at the top of their game — let that be stated for the record.)

But Mom had left me a lovely wedding breakfast of coffee, a croissant, raspberries, vanilla yogurt, and a mimosa! Dad and Uncle Bill came home (to watch the game*) while I was spooning the last of the yogurt, and I commented, "I'm happy!" There was a pause, and then my uncle said, "Well . . . that's good."

Oh, that silver-tongued devil.

It was such a beautiful day, and the best part, of course, was marrying my dearest darling. When he slid that ring on my expectant finger, I got such a rush! I think I even exclaimed, "Woo!", which of course made everyone laugh.

(Everyone laughed a lot during my wedding. At one point in my vows, I said, "I've always wanted to marry a man exactly like my mother," and that brought down the house. But seriously, folks, you could do a lot worse. She's an awesome life partner.)

Husband and I have a tradition of having someone take our picture on our anniversary, and then I add those photos to the blank pages at the end of our wedding album. It's funny, because we completely spaced this during the years the kids were babies, and neither could even remember what we did on our anniversary; I cheated and added photos from other outings during the year. But still, it's a lovely record. Perhaps I'll have him scan our wedding photo and then post it next to tonight's photo: me, Husband, and Bryan Cranston.

A girl can dream!

Getting married was the happiest thing I have ever done in my life. Having kids, buying a house, finding my career — these were all fantastic but also stressful. Marrying Husband — piece of cake. Good cake.

(Though as I say to every newly engaged person I meet, "I hope you will be as happy in your marriage as Husband has always been in ours.)

A happy and blissful day to all! (But most especially to Lady D and CPA Boy. Sending powerful thoughts of love and good health and strength westward, my darlings.)


—Lady C, still blushing and bridelike after 20 years

* What game? I have no idea. Isn't there always a game?


  1. Awwww... Happy, happy, happy anniversary! 20 years! Wow. That DOES say something, doesn't it? Have a love celebration tonight.

    Much love from your twice-divorced, many-times-broken-hearted (but still hopeful) friend. Can you guess who?

    1. Of course, my dearest GNA! Thanks for the love, and good luck with your drains!

  2. Happy Anniversary you crazy kids! How did you get front row tickets -- that show is SOLD OUT!!
    Mrs. Cynicletary

    1. My West Coast pallies saw it in Ashland and have been bugging me to get tickets ever since, so I've been stalking the ART's website, and pounced the minute they went on sale. SO WORTH IT. You and D would've loved it!

      Hey, aren't you guys about to celebrate your own 20th in a couple of weeks?

  3. Yes! Number twenty next week -- October 9th! All the best people were married in the autumn of 1993.