Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 127: Back on the Road to Wellville

Ugh, what an awful week! I was sucking down sumatriptan tablets like they were peanut M&M's, my poor head hurt so bad. But by Wednesday I had the feeling that sweat would be my friend, so I actually went to zumba, headache and all. And it helped! I haven't had a headache since, though I am still producing snot like my body thinks it's an endangered resource. At least the Kleenex corporation raked in some dough this week — I'm happy to do my part for the economy.

My weight had been down in the '40s again so I was psyched for weigh-in, but there is just something about Weigh-In Day, no matter when I schedule it: I was up two pounds. Alas!

But one night this week, something clicked:

I used to eat way too much, and I steadily gained weight as a result.

I cut down the amount of food I ate and increased the amount I exercised. This allowed me to lose and keep off 35 pounds.

But here I've been, stuck at the 35-pound mark, for all these many months, wondering why the scale needle has stopped moving — when the answer is obvious.

I now eat what a 250-pound woman eats. To weigh less than 250 pounds, I must eat less.

I know I've said variations on this before, but this is the first time I've thought about it exactly this way, and for whatever reason it has finally sunk in.

One "bad" thing I've been doing is falling back into my old restaurant habits (many, many restaurant meals per week). Time to re-break this habit, ugh. But my budget will appreciate it too.

Anyway. Ever since I heard the "click," I've been eating less — smallish portions, no seconds, no dessert. And I haven't had any hooch since I've been sick. It helps that I ate less this week in general, so my appetite is smaller anyway. But clearly this is what I have to do.

Good Neighbor Anne is talking about doing boot camp next week, which sounds exactly like what I need. Stay tuned!

In other news . . .


Last year on my milestone 50th birthday, a bunch of true-blue Betsy-Tacy pals chipped in to give me a bottle of Dom Perignon — such an exciting gift! I decided that I would open it on the day my weight loss total hit 50 pounds.

Well, you and I both know that that day hasn't come yet — and that bottle still sits in my kitchen, watiting, waiting.

I am mortified. I know this is not what my friends wanted.

So here is my vow. I still hope to hit the 50-pound loss mark, and sooner rather than later. My new eating philosophy and a week of boot camp will be a great start.

BUT. If for whatever reason my weight loss efforts are stalled beyond my control, I will open that bottle on New Year's Eve 2013 and enjoy every single drop of it! I promise.

Time to get dinner on the table! A small healthy dinner, natch.

More will be revealed . . .

— Lady C, determined to start eating like a 237*-pound woman

* That's my 50-pound mark, for those who haven't been reading this blog for decades or memorizing every up and down of my volatile weight


  1. Hooray for the click! And eventual champagne. :-)

    -- SDF

  2. Seriously, why is this so hard to learn to the extent that it alters behavior? It's a struggle.

    1. SERIOUSLY. No kidding! But I am newly embracing one day at a time (one *hour* at a time!) and so far so good. Am heading out for a long walk in just a mo' (and I'll probably get rained on. Should I weigh myself down with an umbrella or dare to be drenched? Ah, sweet mysteries of life!)