Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 132: Boot Camp Day 3 Report, aka Ah, Sweet Mysteries of Life

Yesterday was a good day. The last thing I wanted to do was exercise in the a.m., but I knew I had to do penance for the excesses of Day 2, so I squeezed into my exercise clothes (Compression is my friend!) and headed to the Bike Path. And it was lovely! A perfect October day — bright blue sky, crisp air, brilliantly colored tree plumage. Autumn is lovely pretty much everywhere, I would expect, and I know that New England doesn't have a monopoly on a gorgeous fall — but for a girl who loves October above all other months, Arlington, Mass., is a very good place to be.

It also gave me such a mental lift to be outdoors! Afterward I did a quick shop at Walgreen's and Trader Joe's, my homes away from home, and saw a girlfriend and had a nice chat, and that was fun. Then I had lunch with another dear friend at Pasha, our local Middle Eastern restaurant, which I adore; I had my usual, falafel wrap sandwich and hummus, and I was full sooner than usual and brought home most of the hummus and all of the bread for my kids to enjoy as an after-school snack.

Since my lunch was so large I didn't have any dinner, and then I went to zumba, where I sweated hard and lifted my weights. I just read that it's much better to increase the amount of weight you're lifting, rather than do more reps with lighter weights, so I went up to four pounds (I've been lifting three). When I got home, I held Husband's ankles and did my throw-downs, 25 of them, the most I've ever done, I think. And it wasn't even that hard! Those ab muscles are definitely stronger, which is exciting to contemplate.

And even though I'm reading a deliriously exciting and page-turny book (The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty — highly recommended!), I turned the light off when my eyes started closing just after 11.

In short: A practically perfect health-and-weight-loss day!

And this morning, when I weighed myself . . .

. . . I had gained a pound.

In review: After a day of margaritas and no exercise, I gained no weight whatsoever. After a day of light eating and two sessions of exercise, I gained a pound.

Here's how I'm feeling right about now:

Again, I know, I know, that weight comprises many variables and that restaurant food is packed with fat and salt; I'm likely retaining several pounds of water from that incredibly yummy falafel sandwich, and this is largely why experts say not to weigh yourself daily (or if you do, not to get too hung up on the actual numbers).

But still. There are few areas in my life where I work so hard and see so little payoff! It is incredibly discouraging.

And yet, and yet. I thought about all the exercise I did yesterday, and the truth is: I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I loved my glorious morning walk. I loved my fun zumba class. I like lifting weights, and while I don't love my ab exercise, I love increasing the number of reps I can do. Yes, I did it all for health reasons, but I had fun doing it. No regrets.

And that's the key, for me, anyway: finding something I love, so the payoff is not solely a lower number on a scale.

Or not.

So — a new day has dawned. I have a zumba class tonight (a make-up from Monday, and my first time back with Big False Smile teacher — we'll see how I like her this time), and I will eat very, very lightly. I have fat-free Greek yogurt and leftover green salad in the fridge, which will aid in my efforts. And since I'm thinking of Boot Camp as a full seven-day week, I'll do my final weigh-in on Monday rather than my usual Friday.

Today's other goal: Beginning the search for a decent-paying part-time job. It's time to bite the bullet!

(Ugh. I'm already bracing myself for the nasty taste of that bullet.)

Oh, and in other health news: As always, I am trying trying trying to leave my cuticles alone, and as always have been only somewhat successful in this effort. But I've learned that watching the challenges on Survivor is very bad for my cuticles; I get completely worked up and find myself shredding, shredding without even realizing it. (Yes, I do realize how completely absurd this sounds. I am beyond dorky in this scenario.) So last night I actually donned my elbow-length gloves, after applying deep-moisture lotion, and enjoyed a little spa treatment while watching Survivor with Li'l Martini, and he is such a good son, rather than laughing about what a dork I am, he cheered me on. I have raised that child perfectly!

And in my final news bulletin of the day: We may be getting a dog. Don't ask.

My motivational mantra for the day: I enjoy eating like a thin person.

Well, gee, doesn't everyone?


— Lady C, exercising her face by glaring at the scale


  1. No, dear, *no one* enjoys eating like a thin person. Not even thin people.

    And a dog? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (You are kidding, right?) xxoo

    1. OK, that was the worst pep talk ever, Jenny-Jen! :)

      I'm pretending that I'm Anne Hathaway getting ready for Les Miz and living on radishes and hummus. I feel very elegant!

      (And also near death. But ELEGANTLY so)

  2. I LOVE dogs! What kind? What will you name it? Will it be purse-sized? I must know everything!

    I agree with Jenny above. No one enjoys eating like a thing person. All of my thin friends fall into the following categories:
    1) people who, no matter how hard they try, never gain an ounce
    2) people who subsist on Hershey Kisses alone
    3) people who subsist on hardly anything at all

    I'd much rather have my occasional doughnut and enjoy it. :-)

    1. I am SO right there with you re: the occasional doughnut! I have three very thin friends (the Sleek Suburban Moms), and they fall into your third category. It fills me with horror, because I don't want to live like that.

      My model is my mom, who lost about 60 pounds and has kept them off for three decades. She is not rail thin, but she's at a healthy weight, and she eats fairly normally — her portions are simply smaller than mine. Still, she goes to restaurants, she has a sweet tooth, she enjoys a margarita now and then. She gives me hope!

  3. Good Neighbor AnneOctober 10, 2013 at 4:38 PM

    Good news - bad news department:
    Bad news - I am so allergic that I will never be able to visit you ever again with cat AND dog dander ... boo hoo...
    Good news - walking the dog several times a day will be sooooo good for your exercise regimen.
    Bad news - the exercise regimen does not take a break in winter or in rain or dark.
    Good news - my lovely daughter will want to visit you ALL THE TIME and will want you to adopt her. Hey, wait... that's only good news for you and for her. It is bad news for me! :)

    1. She's a teensy little dog -— about the size of a cat! But is it the differentness of the dander that would put it over the top for you? Boo-hoo indeed!

      Yes, the walking thing is a definite good news-bad news deal, though Mrs. C has promised to continue walking her as often as she does now. (Have you seen her with her dog and Daisy *and the cat* walking around the 'hood? It cracks me up.)

      Nothing is decided yet . . . but oh I do love this little girl so much!!! And having Angel-Daughter over more often is a definite perk!!