Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 132, Part 2: Boot Camp, Day 4 (Still In Progress)

I have a few minutes while I'm waiting for the kids' frozen hash-browns to cook, so I will update the blog — since my readers are in such a lather!!


First, today's Thin Food Report:
  • Grape Nuts
  • Skim Milk
  • Coffee
  • Green Salad with Many Veggies
  • Half a Can of Water-Packed Tuna
  • Sprinkle of Goat Cheese
  • Dollop of Greek Dressing
  • 7 Reduced-Fat Triscuits
  • Water
  • Trader Joe's Harvest Blend Tea
. . . plus, I will admit, 7 candy corns.

My plan had been a quick yogurt before zumba, but there may not be time. I'll eat it afterward, plus some fruit.

In any event — I often put tuna on my green salad but I always, always mix it with mayo first. Having it "dry," with the goat cheese and Greek dressing, was delicious! Such a good thing to know!

(I haven't logged it on Fat Secret yet, but I have to believe that goat cheese and Greek dressing, which I might've had anyway, will be preferable to full-fat mayo, which is the only mayo I can abide.)

However, I also measured my waist today, and as far as I can tell it's gotten bigger.


Second: So about that dog . . .

Do you remember me mentioning that I am madly in love with one of our neighborhood dogs? Her owner is quite elderly, and I've oft wondered if it would be impolitic to inquire if there are plans for Daisy (that's the dog) should anything happen to her mama.

(Which, of course it is, so I've never pursued this train of thought.)

So yesterday I'm driving home, and my friend Mrs. C flags me down and says, "Hey, you want Daisy?" I pick my jaw off the floor and gulp, "Um . . . yes?" and Mrs. C tells me that Daisy's mama is moving to assisted living in February and can't bring her li'l dogie with her. But since Daisy is her baby, she wants to be sure that she's going to a good home — and she knows I adore her.

We have three cats, of course, and I have never been a dog owner EVER, so this is all very very preliminary. But on Sunday Daisy will come over for a long visit, enough time for everyone to kinda start acclimating to her (maybe — actually, I predict that we won't see the cats at all), and we'll just see how it goes. I've been doing a lot of reading about how to introduce a dog to a cat-house, and I have a few good ideas. I think.

Anyway. We'll see.

This was not exactly the exciting new life challenge I was looking for . . . but I LOVE this little dog. I can't bear the idea of her leaving both her mama and me and the neighborhood!!!

Martini is enraptured by the idea, Mimosa is cautiously pleased but also skeptical, and Husband . . .


Let's not count our chickens yet.

I'm not actually sure what kind of dog Daisy is. She looks a little like a Chow-Chow and a little like a Pomeranian; she's small (teacup piggy size, maybe? but bigger than a Chihuahua); probably around nine years old; she's auburn; and she is perfectly beautiful with the most winsome personality!!!

O I love her so much!!!!!

But again — the chickens remain uncounted.

More will be revealed.

—Lady C, open to the mystery

(Including the mystery of why in the hell my waist is BIGGER?????)


  1. This is a very sweet, funny blog entry! I am not a dog lover (well, I admire them from afar, because they are splendid creatures, I just don't like drool and barking and being jumped on, but some dogs are not like that, as much) but even to me Daisy sounds adorable and if you love her, well -- you LOVE her!

    Re weight frustrations, I am addicted to weighing myself all the time and while I have recently lost a bit, I am on that lovely plateau. Recently, my weight went up when I got my period, as it does, but then it didn't go back down! I was so mad!!! Because I was still eating just as sensibly, etc. It's so unreasonable, but I feel like the weight gods are not playing by the rules or something! And when I got mad I ate a little worse, just to show them, which is even more unreasonable.

    But then, a week and a half after the end of my period, the weight just disappeared in a day. So it may have been a little extra water retention that just stayed around? Who knows?

    Point is, I have noticed that there isn't always a direct correlation, but I am feeling as you are, that I want to try to be healthier anyway, for its own sake, in ways that I can enjoy and that make me feel better.

    And your efforts, so charmingly recounted, continue to inspire me!

    1. YES! That is *exactly* it: The weight gods are not playing fair!!!

      And of course we know that life is not fair, yada yada, but it seems particularly outrageous in this scenario. And *of course* you want to eat a little worse just to show them! Why should *you* be the only one following the rules???

      It's all such a mystery. But the goal of feeling better is a worthy one and hopefully will be enough to keep us motivated and on track. Yesterday I was marveling over the new shape of my calves and knees (I will model for you when next we meet). It is definitely exciting to push your body to new feats of strength and stamina!

      I won't promise that you'll love Daisy, but I will assure you that's she's not a jumper and I've never heard her bark. When she meets you, she may well roll on her back and show you her tiny tummy . . . at which point I simply melt. She is *beyond* cute!!!

  2. Oops, that was SDF, I forgot to anonymously say!

  3. I knew it was you! See you next week.