Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 136: Boot Camp Success! UPDATED to Laugh at Myself

For seven days, I maintained an intense focus on exercising and sleeping more and eating less, and I end my week two pounds lighter than when I began. It's a small success but it is something.

Especially since my "intense focus" included cocktails, several restaurant meals, one day that I completely blew off, two servings of apple pandowdy with vanilla ice cream, and two "walks" that were just walking up and down my Big Hill to Trader Joe's. But I did exercise and break a sweat every single day, and I ate a lot more produce — and went to bed earlier!

(As I've noted before, the trick is reading before bedtime rather than watching a movie — though I nodded right off during Dead of Night on Friday.)

I was most dedicated about zumba and walking; I did one or the other every day. I lifted weights three times (my goal had been four), but I'm also lifting heavier weights, which I know makes a difference. I was least dedicated about my core work, doing my throw-downs only three times (goal: seven) — but I'm up to 27 reps! (I started at, like, nine.)

And I did "okay" at sticking to my 2,000-calorie limit. Some days I was way under and some days a little over, and on a day-to-day basis it seemed to make little difference. But I was conscious of being hungry and not eating several times, which is good for me. (I tend to be terrified of hunger and do anything to avoid it. It's good for me to see that it's something I can survive!) And I also drank a lot more water than usual, which was good.

In any event here I am, two pounds lighter. I'll take it!

So much other stuff going on, which is remarkable considering that I have no editing work and no big church project at present. And yet I feel all my wheels spinning, constantly.

Introducing the little doggie to my cathouse has been quite the adventure. The cats are not happy. I plan to bring Daisy over for brief visits all week and see if my felines get any calmer — but so far, Annabel blows up like a puffer fish to twice her size and growls and hisses and scratches, and the little guys cry and run away. Not so fun, so far. (Daisy, to her credit, is remarkably chill during these goings-on, which gives me hope.)

Supper's now on the table — shepherds pie, apple salad, and carrot muffins baked by Mimosa. Time to eat!

— Lady C, delighted to have shed 32 ounces — that is one big gulp!


Cocktails and restaurant meals and apple pandowdy? I am the worst Boot Camper EVER.

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