Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 142: I Know It's Xanadu, But I'll Take It

Here's a trick that always works for me:
  • Plan exercise for the evening
  • Eat very lightly before (usually, a fat-free Greek yogurt)
  • Work out
  • Take a long, hot bath and drink tons of water
  • Go to bed (no more dinner!) (though, I'll admit, I often have a handful of nuts)
My weight is always lower the next day. It doesn't always stay at this low weight, and I know the bulk of what I've "lost" is water, but nonetheless — this Xanadu weight gives me a lift and helps me feel confident and successful first thing in the morning.

Yesterday I did a variation on this trick; both kids were gone for the day, so I did my chores plus some of theirs, lugging my million-ton Kirby vacuum up and down two flights of stairs; I had a big breakfast (eggs and linguica!) so was able to skip lunch; Good Neighbor Anne and I took a long walk around Habitat (gorgeous!!! She is so good at spotting wildlife. Because of my intense and irrational fear of falling, I am good at spotting the path directly in front of me and that's about it, but her eagle eyes found a bat house and an amazingly-colored caterpillar); I lifted weights and worked my core and then ate a light lunch/dinner of leftover potstickers and green salad and a plum; I took a two-hour bath (and yes, drank water, but also a glass of wine and a cup of coffee); made a bowl of popcorn (on the stove, not the microwave, which I think is healthier) and watched Freaks and The Devil-Doll on Turner Classic Movies (awesome); and went to bed.**

This morning's weight: 247 !!!

I'm back to my lowest low since I began this journey, and that is a full 40 pounds lost!! Whee!!!

Though I know it's Xanadu weight, still — when I see that weight on a scale, even on a Xanadu morning, I know I'm close.  And please note that yesterday included sausage, a buttery English muffin, and wine. (aka: a perfect day!!!)

And also: My period started this morning, which usually makes my weight go up, so this is all very interesting.

(On another "interesting" note, this period follows the last one by only two weeks. Two weeks!! Are my periods only 14 days apart now? When will the menopause freaking get here?!!)

Yesterday really was awesome; I've been trying to get outside a lot this month because I love October so much and we are having such a beautiful one; on Friday I sat on my patio reading and drinking wine (and saw the cutest chipmunk!), and yesterday Good Neighbor Anne and I sat on her front porch post-walk and got all caught up on every facet of our thrilling lives and enjoyed the pretty-ness of our street. (The mail carrier stopped for a long chat about Daisy-the-dog's future, as she also loves Daisy and is worried — but I think all will be well. Daisy's on the Cape this weekend with her uncle, who lives next door, and I suspect it might be a try-out visit. But isn't it fun that our nice mail chica cares about all of this? How much do you love small-town life?!)

There's always so much more to tell (including an amazing tale of career serendipity) but I need to get dressed for church and finish polishing tonight's OWL lesson. (Topic: self-pleasuring and human sexual response, woo-hoo! I plan to do lots of role-plays.)


Off to slip into something form-fitting yet church-appropriate. Maybe I can dig out my old Weight Watchers "Ask Me How Much I've Lost!" button.*** God will understand.

—Lady C, light and lively

** "But Lady C, where was Husband during all this?" you may ask. Ah, Husband has a new mistress; her name is Camtasia and she is a harsh dominatrix, demanding his time and attention 24/7. (He's teaching an online course, which requires learning a whole new skill set. Not so much fun for him, but the money's good and he really likes one of his new colleagues. But just that one. He's ready to be done with Camtasia. Don't tell her, though.)

*** Have I told you this story before? A few birthdays ago, Mrs. Cynicletary presented me with a light-up blinking button that read "Kiss Me! It's My Birthday!", which I promptly pinned (and turned) on. Within a few moments Sister Hart the Elder had joined us for lunch, and she greeted my button with some bemusement. "Mrs. Cynicletary made me wear it!" I blurted. Sister Hart turned to Mrs. C and said, "How ever did you pressure her into it?" Mrs. C rolled her eyes and replied, "I handed it to her." Ha ha ha, my friends are wicked funny.


  1. 1. Hooray, hooray! I am the same when that happens, though I'm thrilled to know there's a name for it now: Xanadu weight!!! Brilliant.

    2. What on earth is a BAT HOUSE?

    3. Right now, I'm in the not-so-Xanadu place where I'm up a couple of pounds so I can only comfort myself by knowing that I'm still way lower than my highest-ever...

    4. I know it's going to rain some, but I'm storing up these sunny October days to make me happy when it gets wet out.

    -- SDF

    1. Hee! Thanks! A bat house is like a bird house though bigger, I think; it provides a shelter for bats to roost and sleep during the day (and encourages them to make your area their home; great for people with lots of mosquitoes!). Recognizing and celebrating that you're still way ahead of where you were is awesome. It's a *journey*, not a sprint (as I say over and over and over....)

  2. Now we are here, in Xanadoo oo oo oo oo... Good job!
    Yes, your friends ARE wicked funny.
    MRs. Cynicletary

    1. You're a super-duper smarty, you and Olivia Newton-John. :)

  3. Sooooo proud of you!!! And I LOVE the term Xanadu weight. i shall use it henceforth on the days when I either skip dinner or have something super light and awaken the next day smaller (but not really). XXXOOO

  4. Thank you, my adorable cheerleader -- I love being quoted! And I'm proud of you too, you teensy thing. Are you still running?