Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 150: New Week, New 'Tude

Ah, my Xanadu weight was as insubstantial and fleeting as its name implies. And last week was so crazybusy and chock-a-block with stuff, it was hard to maintain my focus on better living through weight loss and health. Here are just a few snapshots of What's Been Going On:
  • In my efforts to drum up editing work, I e-mailed a former colleague who now works for my main employer's competition. Alas, I haven't heard from her. But then I went to a new zumba class, since last week's holiday messed up my zumba schedule, and there I saw yet another former colleague — who also now works for the The Competition. She said that yes indeed they use editors, gave me her business card, and invited me to follow up. (So far it has led to nothing, yet I have to believe that these moments of serendipity happen for a reason. Stay tuned!)
  • Brunie and I and Mama Brunie road-tripped to Moultonborough, New Hampshire, to see my favorite living author Ruth Doan MacDougall give a writers talk! We spent the night at a charming bed and breakfast, I professed my love to the pygmy goats that roam the premises but was shunned, we dined at a lovely pub where Brunie ordered the beer sampler and, upon seeing its presentation, promptly christened it the "Beer-norah,"
    and we treated Ruth to lunch in a castle! Well, more accurately, the gatehouse or stable or something near the castle, you have to pay sixteen bucks to visit the castle proper, and we are cheap. Though we allowed Ruth to have a drink with her lunch. It was so much fun, New Hampshire is incredibly beautiful, and Ruth is a perfect peach. I've never been in a roomful of people discussing her work before, and I was in heaven.
  • The Music Director at my church has abruptly resigned. I know there is more to the story, but everyone is following good process and being very circumspect, which is appropriate. She is simultaneously brilliant, gifted, difficult, and beloved, and people's reactions have been HUGE. We are also in the midst of a capital campaign and contemplating our church building being under construction next year and our minister is leaving for a brief sabbatical. In short: Church is not exactly a haven of peace at present, and those of us in the thick of things (yes, me) are being called to be good, consistent leaders. Which I can do, it's just . . . stressy.
In other life news, being my family's anchor was also somewhat draining, as they are racing along on their own hamster wheels:
  • Mimosa is auditioning for Into the Woods, and I found the show on DVD for us to watch (she loved it; she wants to be the Witch). For her audition she needs to sing a "story song" (she's chosen "What I Did for Love," which I have the sheet music for, so we've been practicing that) and deliver a one-minute monologue. Her first idea was to do Emily from Our Town, which is great — but I also think that lots of girls will have the same idea . . . and then I had a brainstorm, which Mimosa loved: She will do a monologue from the movie Carrie, from the book by Stephen King. I found a copy of the shooting script online, and there's a bit that will work perfectly (where Carrie says, "I have to try to be more like other people, Mama"). Mimosa read it for me and Husband this weekend, and she's amazing. She also sang a solo at her Youth Group retreat; her peers gave her a standing ovation, which gave her the confidence to try out for a solo with her school chorus — which she got. We are so proud of our budding diva!
  • Li'l Martini is practicing his glock and trying out drums (I think he'll decide this week whether to go forward or not) and doing LARP twice a week — and has now decided that he might audition for his school play, Guys and Dolls. He's done a little acting and is quite good, and both his Music teachers at school have complimented his singing voice, so he's also feeling pumped and confident, which will serve him well. Though he's getting a D in Geography, and I feel like he's trying to do too much and isn't that great at managing his time. I'm willing to let him try, but it takes a lot of guidance and structure on Mama's part . . .
  • Poor Husband is writing the captions to go with the voice narration for his online course and having to grade all these online papers, and he desperately needs a new eyeglass prescription; he can't see a thing onscreen with his current glasses, and the effort to squint, read, think, and type wears him out and gives him headaches. He's realizing that in-person interaction with students is something fairly essential to his work enjoyment (which is good to know) and is pretty much counting the days till the online course is over. It's hard to watch him be so miserable, because there's really nothing I can do to help, other than be a kind wifey and cook him good meals. (Check!)
Busy busy!!

I had a large three-day editing job last week, which I had to cram into two days because of my road trip — but other than that, not much work. Today I will check in with all my clients, follow up with the temp agency, and drop off the forms I filled out to be a substitute teacher. I'm also talking with a man, a friend of a friend, about editing the three novels he's written; my price is a bit out of his range, but I'm hoping we can negotiate something that works for both of us, as it sounds like a fun job.

And I will walk down my hill to Trader Joe's, eat lightly and healthfully, and go to zumba tonight. (I didn't do anything terribly wrong last week, but I didn't exercise enough and I drank a lot of wine.)

(It was awesome!)

In any event, my weight has floated up again — though with a little diligence, I know it will float right back down.

Today — I will be diligent.


—Lady C

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