Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 155: Write On!

Apparently I can only maintain one focus at a time — if I'm writing, I'm going to be gluttonous and slothful; if I'm exercising and eschewing the naughty foodstuffs, my pen will lie silent and still.

In other words: I'm diligently meeting my daily NaNoWriMo word count, but I'm eating cookies and doughnuts, I said no to a Habitat walk with Good Neighbor Anne, and I'm about to dine on Le Big Mac.


But there is so much going on at our house, and I've had a headache every morning. I feel like I'm just barely holding things together. Every day I bravely list What I Plan to Get Done; every day, I transfer two or three items to the next day's already-lengthy list.

Tomorrow I'm hosting a lunch meeting at our church for all the standing committee chairs — some heavy heavy hitters, in other words, and I feel quite nervous about leading it. But today I made homemade cookies, Mocha Truffle Cookies and Oatmeal Scotchies, to ply my audience with, and that should soothe the savage breast or whatever.

I'm sure it will go well, I'll just be happy when it's over.

Ooh — maybe I'll use the extra hour to take a long walk before church tomorrow. That would help both my daily headache and my oppressive sense of failure. And depending on how early I start, I might even have time to get my NaNoWriMo writing done before church at 10.

The writing is actually going pretty well. Yesterday I liked what I wrote; today, as I told my friend KT, most of my words were shite, but I nonetheless had a breakthrough regarding a difficult character, which is always exciting. But the words are flowing fast and freely, and the time flies merrily by. I'm having fun, in other words.

(Well of course I am, I'm stuffing my face with buttery brown-sugary Oatmeal Scotchies. Totes fun!)  


—Lady C


  1. I applaud your wordiness! Nothing matters in November other than getting the words down on the page. My biggest advice to you is do not go back and read what you have written. You have 11 months out of the year to revise, edit, and think your words are shite. Now, you just write. And eat. That's all that counts in November! :-)

    1. This is great advice, and THANK YOU for giving me your blessing to eat!!!

      (I am already behind . . . but tomorrow will be better. I think. I hope!)

  2. I applaud Jenny's advice AND your impulse to walk. I completely identify with the need for sugar when writing, but I also admire that you are mustering your wits to find ways to mitigate the effects of same. Go, Lady C. -- NaNoWriMo Rah!!! -- SDF

    1. Thanks, honey! Jenny is very wise, and so are you. I'm psyched to see you on Thursday!

  3. And just in case you need more inspiration:

    1. That was *fantastic* inspiration. Rainbow Rowell! LOVE her. Thank you thank you! You are my writing angel sister.