Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 165: Bye-Bye, Boob that I Know

Tomorrow, Left Boob gets sliced open and then one, maybe two, benign nodules will be removed. Dr. Dixie says she'll decide once she gets in there. She is bewitching in her unpredictability! Local anesthetic only, I expect to be home around noon.

The part I worry most about, of course, is not being able to have coffee after midnight tonight. (You had better believe I'm drinking a HUGE cup now.) I remember going straight to a Starbucks after my colonoscopy . . . and then barfing in the Starbucks' restroom, realizing that maybe I needed to sleep for a while first.

Anyway, I'm not particularly worried, but I am a little . . . unsettled. It will be good to have this over with and focus on fun things, like my upcoming visit with Zanzibar!! (More on this to come.)

And my plan for the rest of tomorrow involves watching lots of TV, reading a stack of Brunie's favorite childhood books (on loan), and eating pudding. A great muchness of pudding, as a matter of fact.

Tonight I'm sending lots of love and strength to my beloved bosom friends Mrs. Cynicletary and Good Neighbor Anne, who both lost a parent this week, a mom and a dad, respectively. I am so sad for both of them and trying to hold them in my heart as best I can. I'm especially sorry that neither friend gets to hear, one more time, what a wonderful and excellent and truly loved daughter she is, from that parent's lips. As Mrs. Cynicletary says, "People die and there's nothing you can do about it."

Off to take a Silkwood shower, my first of two. They gave me this crazy-scary liquid soap, complete with hysterical warnings about not getting it in my eyes or my vagina. It makes me very curious about how other people take showers.

Good night! Wish me luck.

—Lady C, who will soon be one, maybe two, nodules lighter!


  1. Sending good thoughts that before you even know it, it will be time for books (don't think I don't want to know which ones!) and pudding (what flavor!??)! -- SDF

    1. Thanks, doll! All went very well, and I appreciate the good thoughts.

  2. Hope your boobies (the "court approved" term to use these days in public forums*) are recovering splendidly. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    * Watch out middle school teachers! "Feel my balls" bracelets in support of testicular cancer are arriving at your school soon!

    1. Boobies is such an undainty word!! I am appalled. (Celeste, my salts!)

      See you in just over 24 hours -- so so so excited!!!