Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Get Your Tongue Out of My Mouth, 2013 (I'm Kissing You Goodbye)!

I am NOT sorry to say goodbye to this year. My fondest hope for 2014 is that things will be more . . . settled.

For so many years of my life, my trio of resolutions were to (1) lose weight, (2) manage my money better, and (3) do something with my writing, and oh, did I have several happy recent years when I could say that I was doing all those things. But it all fell apart in 2013, so it's time to muster my wits and step up my game.

2014 will be the year that I . . .

. . . finish writing Novel 2! I'm several chapters in, and I think it's going to be good. I just have to write the darn thing! But I've already alerted my writers group that I'm coming back, and Writer Jenny in particular will hold my feet to the fire. (Which is good — she is a great cheerleader and motivator.)

. . . lose the next 20 pounds! I saw my cancer-advice doc yesterday and I've started taking taking tamoxifen. Nothing much will change, except I have to be sure to move around some every day, and I am sticking to a drinking diet of no more than seven drinks a week. Paying this kind of attention to my exercise and food/drink intake will, I believe, pay off re: good weight-loss choices as well. Also, it's time. It's great that I've kept off 35 pounds, but that is such a drop in my particular fat bucket. It's time to MOVE that scale needle again!

. . . find my next job — which I assume will be something temporary while I figure out how to attract more editing clients (and/or EDC regains its financial footing). The good news is that I have several editing jobs scheduled for January. However, I also plan to follow up with temp agencies and substitute teaching and whatever else I can dream up for the short term.

And if I can do all of this, 2014 will be a great year.

Oh, and one more thing:

On March 14, 2014, I will be in the front row for the very first showing of the Veronica Mars movie!!! So so SO excited!!!!!!!

I should get back to Husband now. As is our usual practice, we're enjoying a spread comprising various Trader Joe's hot appetizers, plus salami, cheese, and grapes, and I'm about to put out cookies, Whoopee Pies, and ice cream bonbons; HoneyBear has come for a sleepover with Li'l Martini, and they're noisily wrestling in our basement; Mimosa is in Boston celebrating Angel-Daughter's 16th birthday (Good Neighbor Anne is escorting five teen girls, dolled to the nines, to First Night, bless her heart); it's bitter cold outside, but we've got our love (and rage) to keep us warm.

In the words of Boston Globe writer Joseph P. Kahn:
We come now to the finish line,
A tangled marathon of rhyme
Reflecting on a year that passes
Rearward in our Google Glasses.
May these days of warm embraces
Find you in the best of places:
Sate at home, where you belong,
Filled with joy and Boston Strong.
Happy, happy 2014 to all of my dear readers! See you on the flip side.

love and kisses,

Lady C, fat, poor, and indolent for only a few hours more!


  1. You should have put a picture of me next to that Veronica Mars image because I will be RIGHT BESIDE YOU, FRIEND!

    1. RIGHT BESIDE ME! I'm counting on you to blot my excess drool whenever Logan Echolls appears on screen.

      Is it too much to hope that they exhume Aaron Echolls as well????

  2. Let's conquer two things at once: We can walk and talk about all our writing progress. Just slap on a pair of snow boots and let's go!

    1. You are such a great cheerleader and motivator! :)

      When it gets back to, say, 40 degrees, I will *totally* take you up on this. Maybe even 35. (Call me a wimp, but I just read about my great-great-grandfather treating someone for "frozen eyeballs" -- I may be permanently scarred!)