Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The December CrazyTrain Has Pulled Into the Station

It's December 4, we've eaten up every last bit of Thanksgiving (OK, I still have a few random papaya chunks in the fridge and maybe a handful of cashews . . .) — I'm officially declaring Christmas ON at the Chardonnay homestead.

Which doesn't mean anything, really, just that I will start putting my mind to it today.

And good thing too, because Christmas also means two big family birthdays, Dad's on the 16th and Martini's on the 21st, and I need to get Daddy's presents wrapped and mailed to California ASAP. Time to get shopping, little girl!

Except . . .  on the way home from Danvers last Sunday (great day! We lunched at a fabby Asian buffet, where I haunted the refilled-way-too-slowly sushi platter like a waifish Ghost of Mealtimes Past, and then the kids and Husband saw Frozen, which they enjoyed immensely, and I saw Philomena, which is 19 kinds of fantastic— check it out!!) my car suddenly developed a horrific loud grinding noise, though fortunately it drove okay and got us home. But MAN was it loud. I suspect muffler issues, whether looseness or a new hole — but my sweet mechanics couldn't see it till today.

So I'll be carless today and likely tomorrow (my sweet mechanics do good work and don't charge a ton . . . but they are not, how shall I say this? — rapid), and I don't want to count on catalogue or Amazon orders to get here on time.

I'm usually very good at remembering what the holidays are actually about and not stressing, and I'm trying not to stew, but still.

It's the first official day of the Christmas countdown! And I've done nothing!!

But all this will change after I drop off my car and walk back home (stopping first at Starbucks to use my credit card as many times as possible — it's that time of the month again, must use the two home equity line of credit cards three times each in the first week. Good Neighbor Anne watched me pull them out and start making notes on the attached Post-Its, the only way I can keep track, and she begged me to come organize her life): I will either hunker down at the computer with everyone's Christmas lists and start ordering, OR (way more fun) pull out all the boxes of Christmas decorations and dive in! (The kids and Husband assured me they don't mind if I start without them.)

(Possibly because I'm a tad . . . exacting . . . when it comes to decor.)

(This is Husband pretending to be me: "Oh . . . are you going to put that there? How . . . interesting.")

(Ha ha.)

Other life news:
  • Once again, I'm going to stop tracking what "day" it is in my weight loss journey. It's all happening way too damn slowly, Christmas cookies loom in my future, there is no point in making myself discouraged the minute I sit down to blog. I'm still holding at the same ol' same ol', and for now I'll call that a victory. Or at least not a defeat.
  • Last night I returned to zumba, my first time since surgery. Man am I out of shape! I was exhausted. But it was great fun to be back, the class greeted me like the prodigal daughter, and we laughed and laughed. (I have a funny anecdote to tell but must get dressed and get car to mechanic — remind me!)
  • I didn't "win" NaNoWriMo by writing 50,000 words (or even come close) but I did write about 20 new pages, which I sat down and reread yesterday. And despite the fact that it felt like shite while I was writing it, I think there's some pretty good stuff there. Yay! So I'm excited about my novel again and will likely rejoin my writing group in January.
So much going on! I've been out every night so far this week and will be out tonight and tomorrow as well. And the weekend won't exactly be restful, as I have a big editing job scheduled for Saturday. (I try to avoid weekend work but . . . I need the dough, what can you do.) And Sunday of course is OWL, three more classes to go.

Busy busy!!!

But I'm not stressing. I am a model of Zen.

Time to get my hands dirty! (Metaphorically. Because, ew.)

—Lady C, Zen kitten


  1. This post made my morning. It's been manic and stressful over here but you're positively effervescent, which boosted my spirits. Enjoy your decorating, dear Lady C. The shopping can wait! :-)

    1. Thanks, angel! I took your perfect advice and the house is a thing of beauty.

      Holiday cheers to you!