Friday, January 3, 2014

A Page, a Mile, a Job Application

I thought that I'd get my New Year's resolutions off to a smashing start by engaging in each one a little bit on January 1 — except I thwarted myself by also having those two big jobs on my list (2014 calendar and holiday letter). I finished both but it took all day (in addition to making a big yummy First Day of the New Year dinner: black-eyed peas, for luck; ham steak; skillet cornbread; coleslaw; fruit skewers; and Gooey Cinnamon Squares for dessert — so yummy I could die of it!!!).

So — January 2 was my day of Virtue and Accomplishment, and boy did I virtually accomplish!
  • One page (and then some) written on Selling Chastity (aka Novel 2 — and I went back and reread my new text later, and it's pretty good. And it was fun to write, which is a hella good sign)
  • One mile walked on my treadmill! (The first 12 minutes sucked, zumba has been canceled due to holiday for two weeks, I am out of shape and creaky, but then at just about the half-mile mark the happy endorphins kicked in, and I actually walked a little more than a mile so I could finish rocking out to Teenage Dream — as who among us would not?!) I also lifted weights and worked my core, while holding Li'l Martini's solid manly feet. Good Lord but that kid is enormous.
  • One job application for a freelance Science Editor! I am no science girl but I've done a ton of science editing, and I enclosed a snippet from one of my heavily science-based style sheets to support my case (for a lesson in which students were cloning the rfp gene, or something like that — look, I don't have to understand the actual science to tell you that you're saying it wrong)
Mimosa and I also had a Molly Ringwald movie marathon (I've been trying to get her to watch Pretty in Pink and this is the only way she would do it), sewed a patch for the quilt my church ladies are making for our departed Music Director, and made Taco Soup and green salad for dinner. A full, fun day!

Today I'm printing 80+ copies of our letter (I mentally call it a Christmas letter but I seldom have it done and mailed before MLK Day), shoveling the driveway with the fam (always a good time — Boston has been rocked by two feet of snow, school's been canceled for the week, and it's butt cold out there), and reading a book I bought for my dad for Christmas, but it didn't arrive in time; it's about my great-grandmother, who was the first and only female chief of the Seminole Indian Nation, and the photographs are amazing. She had a bazillion kids and my Grandpa Jack was the youngest. Anyway, I'm psyched to learn more about her — and after shoveling in what reportedly feels like minus three degrees, an afternoon on the sofa with blankie, book, and hot Candy Cane Green Tea will be just the ticket!

My weight crept up for the holidays; I am mortified to say that I was all the way to 260, but it's heading right back down again. Three pounds already dispatched, I'll be back at my "new normal" of 252 in no time. And then the real losing begins! This is my vow.

(I'm keeping scrupulous track of my alcohol intake, now that I'm taking tamoxifen — two days in a row I've very much wanted to drink wine while cooking dinner, and two days in a row I've successfully resisted the urge. Yay, me!)

Off to celebrate my successful resolve . . . by shoveling.

(Yay, me?)


— Lady C


  1. I don't mean to judge, but I am pretty sure shoveling is not a reward. Not even its own reward. But good for you! I will try not to pick up your slack.

    1. Ha, no kidding. Shoveling is pretty low on the Reward List. But it was surprisingly fun! Light and fluffy, not too cold outside -- and *time spent with the family*, which is always wonderful and fulfilling!!

      (I may be a little high on dusting spray right now.)

  2. happy new year my dear! i am trying to return to the world - one blog at a time. your ambition makes me want to dance. xx

  3. Hi honey! Though it took me a while to respond to this, I want you to know that moments after I read it I went into my kitchen to virtually dance with you. "Heaven, I'm in heaven," I crooned, because "Cheek to Cheek" was the first song that came to mind; then it occurred to me that you might want to do a jazzier, kick-up-your heels kind of dance. So then we walked on sunshine, oh yeah! And don't it feel good?

    Lovely to hear your voice again! xx