Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Good News, Odd News, and Just . . . News

First, welcome to my newest reader and pally, Pamela of the B-Bus! Given how challenging it is to find time for real-life hanging out, at least we can catch up a little in our virtual worlds.

Good News

Last week's scary zumba class probably was a combo of out-of-shape Christmas muscles and an extra-exuberant young teacher; my Thursday class went much better and last night's class was okay too (though I do feel like both knees are being squeezed in a vise – it's not necessarily painful, but it makes it difficult to move with my usual zesty zumba abandon).

I'm also being semi-diligent about taking short walks on my treadmill. Short seems to be the key; I can walk a brisk mile in 20 minutes, and seriously, who doesn't have a spare 20 minutes? It gets me nice and sweaty, I usually walk a little more than the assigned mile because I want to finish a song, and I feel virtuous, smug, and limber afterward, my favorite post-exercise mental state.

Finally, I have two large-ish editing jobs in the pipeline; I have a meeting about one of them tomorrow, and the other should arrive any minute now. The dread spectre of substitute teaching has been delayed at least another week!

Odd News

Despite the renewed presence of exercise in my life and the fact that five of my seven extra holiday pounds came off pretty quickly, those five pounds came right back and are not budging. My weight has been stuck at 259 for days and days. I'm not eating more than usual (though maybe I need to start logging my food on Fat Secret, just to be sure), so I don't know what's up.

But I wonder if my new drug is the culprit. I've been taking tamoxifen (or T-fen, as I've decided to call it – I hate how tamoxifen sounds like toxic) (some people have suggested that I call it Tami, but that is too cutesy, even for me. "I'm taking my Tami now!" "It's Tami time!" Yeah, no) for 15 days, and my period, which has arrived every 21 days like clockwork for the last year, is now 8 days late, by that measure. T-fen can throw you into "early" menopause (though not this quickly, I'm pretty sure). Does my body think it's pregnant? Do I have seven pounds of menstrual flow clogging up the works? Has my uterus gone wacky?? I dunno.

I've applied for at least five part-time and/or temporary editing jobs since December, all of which I'm divinely qualified for, but haven't heard a peep. What is that about???

Husband finally had the meeting to confront his dreadful department chair that we've all been bracing ourselves for for the past five weeks — and it was a complete anticlimax. Department chair was all soothing words and placating platitudes — and here's me foaming at the mouth, saying, "What about the nasty letter to the Dean? Is he going to retract it?" "Ohhh," said Husband, "it didn't come up." I am now beside myself and will gently ride Husband to write a follow-up letter with action items, including Retract lying lying letter to Dean that is full of lies. Maybe I'll edit that action item.

Just . . . News

I took the online test to be a Jeopardy contestant. Ha! Ha! Ha! I do not think I will meet Alex Trebek this year. Man, the gaps in my knowledge base — they are legion. This also happens when I play Trivial Pursuit; I dominate the pink (Entertainment) category, do okay in the brown (Literature) category, can sometimes maybe fake the yellow (History), orange (Sports & Leisure — sometimes they ask cocktail questions!), and green (Science — sometimes they ask astrology questions!) categories, and utterly fail the blue (Geography) category. I don't know where anything is and I don't care, that's what MapQuest is for.

In any event, I answered correctly questions about Katy Perry and Despicable Me but couldn't come up with the name of the crazy mathematician Russell Crowe played in the movie, who invented/discovered the X-ray, or what sea runs alongside Turkey.

A sea that I have actually sailed on, perhaps I should mention.

It was a lot of fun, though. And I did get the correct answer for the first, alphabetically, of the three rivers of Pittsburgh (who knew Pittsburgh had even one river?), which was a total fluke but cheered me right up nonetheless.

There's always more news, but this will do for now. Time to start my day!

My weight was in fact down this morning, but it always is after light dinner + zumba + hot bath. It's a Xanadu weight. We'll see what the scale says tomorrow.


— Lady C, trying to revel in the good and avoid the suck of the odd


  1. Your medicine naming reminded me of Teamocil from Arrested Development. Google it. Love it.

    Wishing you well, Lady C! I hope you had a smashing holiday season. xoxo

    1. Ooh, I loved Arrested Development! My daughter's just discovered it. George Michael and Maeby were my favorites. Happy new year, my friend!

  2. i don't want to be the bearer of bad news but..... my mom was on tamoxifen and one of the side effects is weight gain - about 5lbs per year. so i don't think it is your fault.

    if you have any negative feelings for me now - please keep in mind i fell ass over tea kettle in the barnyard today. the cows all looked at me as if i were a show. i am bruised but unbroken. so imagine you giving me a virtual shove.

    good on you for the walking and zumba and your mad trivia skills. xx

    1. Oh, honey - I hope your bruises have healed and the cows aren't getting any ideas about nudging you into a repeat, entertaining as it might be. I fell right down our front steps on a surprisingly icy morning, fortunately landing on my bum and mostly unscathed, but oh my bruised dignity. And now I walk down our steps like I'm 105. Sending warm love your way, to you and the cows.