Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten Pounds the Hard Way

Ugh ugh ugh.

On Friday, Li'l Martini had a nasty bug — a poo bug that became a vomit bug — and on Saturday, Doctor Mom succumbed. I was done throwing up by Sunday, but I'm still not myself — feverish, achy, migraine-y. In addition, my stupid knee is still swollen and sore and it buckles periodically, which is just great for picking your way across snow and ice, let me tell you.

It's School Vacation Week, and I had big plans with the kids for today:
  • Check our the oddities at our nearby Goodwill and drop off some donations that have piled up
  • Visit a new (to us) donut shoppe
  • See the Oscar-nominated animated shorts
  • Pick up a few things at Trader Joe's for a Mexican feast: guacamole*, fresh salsa, mini tacos and taquitos, quesadillas!
We're also swinging by the post office to mail Lady Darcy's birthday presents (she changes her age in just six more days) and dropping off Mimosa's new eyeglass prescription. These are not un-fun chores, per se, but they do rank somewhat lower on the ladder of excitement.

(Though — our bar is pretty low. Yesterday all four of us went to Martini's orthodontist appointment, just to get out of the house.)

But there's a snowstorm coming, and I'm having second thoughts about everything. There is so much snow piled everywhere, the roads are more narrow than ever, and when they're slippery with snow . . . yikes. And yet, and yet — my poor snowbound kids are going a little stir crazy. (See "orthodontist visit," above.)

Maybe we'll do everything but the movie, get an early start and beat the storm. Maybe.

But that means I need to get moving now.

Oh, and my weight is back to 252, what I think of as my new normal. I would not recommend extreme vomiting as a method — I am still paying that particular piper, and despair of ever feeling fully myself again — oh, my aching head! my fevered brow! — but hey. I'm making lemonade.

Off to seize the day! Well, or to hobble toward it. Something like that.

— Lady C

* I have always made bad guacamole. This is disturbing on so many levels. I'm a native Californian — shouldn't good guac be in my blood?! And I'm also an ace cook — what the hell?? But try as I might, my guac is always too over-flavored, too thin, too full of chewy cilantro bits, too something.

(Which is why I'm such a fanatic about places and people who have it mastered, namely Good Guac Grotta and my youngest brother. — and his excellent guac defies all reason, as it begins with a seasoning packet [the horror!] and a container of pre-chopped pico de gallo. In other words, it's not exactly Brother's Fresh Homemade Goodness. And yet it is divine.)

But during the last snow day, I decided to master guacamole: I had a bag of ripe avocados and three promising recipes. I was off!

(I ended up making only two of the recipes as, on closer inspection, two of the three were nearly identical.)

Mimosa and I were the judges (Husband eschews the alligator pear; Martini allowed only a cautious nip of each), and while we liked both, the clear winner comprised cilantro and jalapenos pureed in the food processor, chopped white onion, cumin, cider vinegar, salt, and lightly mashed avocado. I plan to make it again today, and if it's as good as we remember I'll share the recipe. Stay tuned!


  1. I love guacamole! Truth time? I never use cilantro or jalapeno. I use tomato, onion, cumin, cayenne, lots of garlic, and loads of lime. It's delicious! :-)

    1. Ooh! Have you a recipe to share? I am open to trying anything! (Garlic, yes, there was garlic in my recipe too -- I think it got ground up with the cilantro and jalapeno.) It's on the menu for tonight - yum!!!!

  2. Mr. Lady Chardonnay (aka Husband, aka Heterolifemate)February 19, 2014 at 8:42 AM

    Just for the record: it was a NEW Orthodontist! We were all... I think... just a little curious. That's all. Really

    1. Honey. Seriously. Are you denying that we have a VERY low threshold for fun? Do you not remember our visit to the sanitation treatment plant? and our disappointment over no gift shop?

      love you! xx

  3. we have been suffering from the dreaded head cold, complete with watery eyes and endless snot. the snow has not just made our roads narrow but our whole life has become a selection of narrow pathways. i am soooo looking forward to just walking side by side.
    i do not like guacamole but i will eat it if i become your best friend! xx

    1. Oh, man, narrow pathways and endless snot – I feel your pain. Hot 'n' sour soup is my treatment plan — do you have good Chinese nearby?

      Give me your guacamole, I'll give you my sour cream. We are a match made in heaven. And you are my very best friend in St. Bevtown, Canada! xx

  4. A new donut shop??
    Mrs. Cynicletary

    Also, get well.

    1. Hee! I appreciate your priorities, mamacita. It's Union Square Donuts in Somerville — do you know it? The Globe gave it a good review. We plan to go today — report to follow!

  5. Wish you were here guac hopping with me - the produce is so fresh here, it makes you melt. (But buyer beware - it rots within three days, so buy and use is our motto.)

    1. "Buy it and use it" should be everyone's motto! I hate waste. You should hear Brunie's (scandalous) tale of the time I made her eat rusty rotten lettuce. Which is a lie. But it's still a funny story.

      When you come visit me, I will make you fresh delicious guac every day!