Friday, March 28, 2014

From Lady C's Mailbag

My trip to California was PERFECT. I haven't gone without the kids in a long, long time, and as it turns out — children are distracting! and worky! I had so much fun having my parents all to myself!
It was so good that I went. At 80 and 71, respectively, Dad and Mom are still in good shape, but none of us are getting any younger. We ate well and laughed uproariously and made memories and had a seriously good time. I will get out there again as soon as the pocketbook allows.

And things are looking good on that front. I've had some nice editing work, slow but steady, and I'm also into the subbing groove now — did a second job and have several others lined up — and, most excitingly, one of the 10 million jobs I applied for finally resulted in an interview; I'm taking the editing test today, and I feel good about it. 

And in even better news — my stupid knee finally seems to be healed! I went back to zumba this week, which resulted in all kinds of hilarity:
  • Italian Spitfire: I cannot believe my eyes.
  • Me: I'm here! Though I can only do Zumba for Paraplegics.

  • Italian Spitfire (to new students): Go at your own pace. I jump around a lot, but you don't have to jump.
  • Fit Blondie: Just watch Lady C.
  • Me: Yeah, I do zumba in a rocking chair.

  • Me, to Upstart: That is MY SPOT.
  • Upstart: You haven't been here for weeks! It's my spot now!
  • Me: You weren't here for TWO YEARS! [which is true, and Upstart laughed — I then lifted my leg and pretended to pee on the spot]
  • Me: See? I'm marking my territory.
The Italian Spitfire e-mailed me this week: 
It was great seeing you back in class, you were surely missed. I love your sense of humor and your quick wit. Good to see that nobody took your spot, like that's going to happen!!!
Today is my day to address hoarded mail. Read on!

Regarding the AARP aging tests (which doomed me), my pal Bronwyn Editrix wrote:
The next time I talk to the saps at AARP, I will absolutely do this! You betcha. But first I'll look up how to pronounce prosopagnosia, so it's fully clear who the sap is.

Some time ago, I told my pal Midwest Susan that I always refer to her as having a Playboy body: perfectly proportioned and petite, with an amazing rack. (I invited her to thank me.) She responded:
So let me tell you what I think of YOU!  You're two "V" words to me:  VIVACIOUS and VA-VOOM!  I've always love the word "vivacious" and, really, you personify it.  I also love the way you carry yourself with self-confidence and an easy (but not over-the-top or in-your-face) sexuality.  And you're one mighty, mighty fine writer, too, even if that doesn't start with "V"! 
Isn't that nice? (That's why I saved it, after all.) I pull this out and reread it when I'm feeling low. Which, during these fat sluggish weeks of waiting for my knee to heal, was often.

My Sleepy Dear Friend Susan wrote to me about my grandma:
Your writing really moved me.  I, too, am listening to your grandma’s voice, through you, and hoping to find a way to integrate physical activity into my life for good and all. 
I told Susan that Grandma would be thrilled to know that people were still listening to her 13 years after she left this planet! That's her picture, by the way, adorning this post. I didn't know her at this age (in fact, I'm not even sure what age this is), but this is my absolute favorite picture of Claire Hermona Demeritt MacCool. Isn't she the jazziest jazz baby? Man, I miss her!!

And this is my all-time favorite picture of the two of us together, on Christmas Eve, sometime in the '80s. Look closely now:

We both have our mouths open, oui? Exactly who is listening in this picture?!!
To wrap up, I will share the beautiful note I got from Shrieki's mom. She is Japanese and has a high, lilting voice, and I adore her:
Thank you very much Lady C.
You are always helps my life. 
It made me so happy! My goal is always to helps my friends' lives, if I possibly can.

OK! Time to take an editing test and a shower and carpe some diem!

love to all,
Lady C

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