Sunday, April 20, 2014

As I Was Saying . . .

Eek! Sorry for the long absence. A whole lotta life happening in these parts, that's all — but everything's fine.

Since this is a weight loss blog (I don't blame you if you've forgotten), I'll start with weight-loss news, which is: none. I am still holding on to my Tamoxifen Ten. I also haven't been able to go to zumba; first my bad knee stopped me, then last week I was felled by bronchitis. All I do is cough (and pee a little), I'm achy and exhausted, I have no voice. Of my four scheduled zumba classes, I dragged myself to one — but I'm calling it a win because it was my first time back in weeks and I didn't collapse. Victory!

(The bar, it is low.)

However, I also used some gift cards I've been hoarding and bought new jeans and a groovy new tank top — and each is a size smaller than I expected to wear! And wearing properly fitting clothes has resulted in all kinds of compliments on my "new" weight loss, which has been inspiring.

But I'm still recovering from the bronchitis and I still have pain in my knee. It's hard to think about working out and eating right and getting healthy when you feel like crap and all you want to do is go back to bed. Seriously, I've been climbing under the covers at 7 p.m. I am exhausted.

I think I picked up a bug from the kids I've been subbing for. First they gave me hemophilia (I had a paper cut that bled and bled) and then bronchitis. But I love it. I've now taught six classes, I'm a total pro. And I've taught a bunch of my math kids from last year, including Glum Albie, which has been a blast!!

And thank God for regular subbing, because I've had little editing work — and I didn't get the job I just applied for, which is a huge bummer. I suspect that my edits were too heavy, and the hiring committee foresaw that I would drive the writers crazy with all my rewrites (highly plausible). I will devote a morning this week to sending out resumes and doing my darndest to beef up my editing client pool — and perhaps dial down my excessive zeal for correcting others.

In the midst of my bronchitis (during most of which I've sounded like Tallulah Bankhead), Husband and I were the auctioneers at our church auction, which was partly fun and mostly annoying. I ended up doing way more work than I expected to, because our Auction Committee mostly comprised morons and incompetent slackers. As I get older,  my tolerance for either has just about vanished. Adults need to either pull their weight or get out of my way. I do not suffer fools gladly. Anyway, that took a ton of time and energy . . . which is probably the main reason I haven't been blogging. A new blogger I love, The Gallivanting Monkey, writes only once a week, every Wednesday, and I like that model; I will certainly write more often when I can, but committing to a once-a-week practice sounds good and do-able.

So, as I mentioned, Brunie and I spent an evening with Meryl Streep a few weeks ago. Every time they showed a scene or still from one of her movies, we'd grab each other and say "I loved that one!" or "I need to see that one!", but we didn't have a ton of overlap, except for Silkwood, which we both adore. I said, "Clearly we need to have a Meryl Streep film festival, with lots of bourbon" — (don't ask me why bourbon, it's just what came into my head) — and Brunie said "YES," and because we are not incompetent morons or slackers, we got on it right away. In one hour she's coming to pick me up and we are going to a cheapish hotel in Nashua, N.H., to drink strong spirits and watch 18 Meryl Streep movies!! And sit in a hot tub sometimes. I am so so SO excited!!

(Sister Hart, we assumed you'd be involved with family and Easter stuff, but if you want to hook up, give us a call!)

We plan to watch:
  1. Kramer vs Kramer
  2. The French Lieutenant's Woman
  3. Sophie's Choice
  4. Silkwood
  5. Ironweed 
  6. The River Wild
  7. Bridges of Madison County
  8. Before and After
  9. Adaptation
  10. Prime 
  11. A Prairie Home Companion
  12. The Devil Wears Prada
  13. Lions for Lambs
  14. Doubt
  15. It's Complicated
  16. Rendition
  17. Dark Matter
  18. Mamma Mia!
Brunie says:
The ones I most want to see are THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S WOMAN, ADAPTATION, and DOUBT. I know I have already seen ADAPTATION, but I remember nothing. 
I said:
I am most excited about three I've already seen, because I love them — Silkwood, Prada, Adaptation. So so so good!! The ones I haven't seen . . . well, there was a reason. But I love Meryl and I'm ALL IN, even for Dark Matter, even for Rendition, because I am not a hater, in fact I hate haters.
Brunie (Friday afternoon):
I am so excited! I am already packed. I have:
  • crocheting
  • swim suit
  • jammies
  • wine
  • 15 Meryl Streep movies
  • projector
  • pants to wear to dinner
And a great attitude!
 Me (Saturday morning):
I have scheduled my excitement to begin today, in three hours — and then, Katy bar the door! I have done nothing yet, but I plan to bring:
  • crunchy salty snacks
  • Sangria (multiple bottles)
  • water and headache meds
  • 4 Meryl Streep movies (surprise!)
  • mending
  • products for ritualistic beautification
  • swim suit
  • crossword puzzles
  • lounging muumuu
  • generic Poise pads because I'm still coughing which means peeing
  • lots of clean dry undies
  • possibly some Febreeze
  • notebook to record our brilliance

Ah, I am fading. There's lots of other stuff I could write about (our grouchy cat Annabel got out and was missing for 24 hours, Mrs. Cynicletary and I figured out how to watch The Conjuring without scaring the bejeezus out of ourselves, my writers group read the next two chapters of Novel 2, Husband and I learned the cost of Li'l Martini's second round of braces [ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! — that is me succumbing to hysteria], I single-handedly started another church scandal and today starred as Beautiful Woman in Purple Hat in the world's lamest skit), but I grow weary and must rest my sangria-pouring arm.

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring! Much love and joy to all my dear readers as we enter this season of renewal, rebirth, and new hope.

(My lungs are ready for some renewal and rebirth, I'll tell you that. I think I need an exorcist.)

— Lady C, ready to revel in Meryl Meryl Meryl!!

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