Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby Boot Camp, Day 1


I tried to be mindful all day. I feel so out of shape, out of sorts, out of practice, but I'm determined to get back in gear and back on track. Let's see how I did, shall we?
  • Life weights — check! With my 3-pound weights, I did 55 bicep curls, 35 side arm extensions, 55 triceps curls, and 20 lying-down side arm extensions. ("Side arm extensions" is probably not an official term, but I know what I mean.) I also did 25 wall push-ups.
  • Core work — check! But I had just eaten dinner, so I only did 15 throw-downs. And screamed during the last two. Li'l Martini, at his computer, commented, "You're screaming and it's annoying." Li'l pisher.
  • Cardio — check! I walked down Heart Attack Hill and back up again, carrying two heavy-ish bags of groceries. (Apples! Onions! A Pound-Plus candy bar for HoneyBear, whose 13th birthday is tomorrow!) And my knee whimpered a little but less than it did the last time I climbed this hill, and I was definitely faster — more like a pert young coed sloth than a matriarch sloth. Progress!
  • Physical therapy — check! Mimosa was my witness; I laid on my bed next to her and lifted my knee up and down while she watched The Colbert Report. The quad stretch in particular really helps my knee — I feel like I could zumba for hours after I do that one. I should do it 20 times a day.
  • Log my food — check! I went slightly over my calorie limit for today (the huge handful of cashews I had as a pre-lunch snack . . . 10 million calories!! Who knew??), but only slightly. Also, my day started with a breakfast date with Kind Tina, and I was hard-pressed to think of a low-calorie option at Bagels By US. Tomorrow will be better!
In other news, thank you all so much for your kind notes about my dad, whether here on my blog or privately. I was so encouraged by how robust and normal he sounded on Friday, but then I talked to him yesterday and he sounded terrible. It took me a while to place who he reminded me of, and then I got it:

Not. Good.

I feel like I need to get home now, to go to doctors with them, give Mom a break, keep Dad's spirits up, and help ease them into the next phase in their lives: chemo, radiation, and round-the-clock care. But I priced plane tickets and almost fell over — the soonest and cheapest I could find was $425 on May 29. I e-mailed my brothers to ask if either of them could get home sooner than that, but I haven't heard anything yet (which, given my brothers, is not a huge surprise; they'll do what they can, but I'm not counting on them for much).

When Mom and I talk tonight, I'll ask her to tell me honestly what she wants me to do, and if she really wants me to come home now, of course I will cough up $600+. Of course!! But I can't help swooning over the cost of it all.

In addition, as any parent of school-age children knows, May is the busiest freaking month of the school year, and my kids are performing or auditioning or doing something every blessed weekend. But again — we will deal. 

Concentrating on working toward good health and finding a new job and writing new chapters of my next novel — these are all good and worthwhile distractions. And honestly, my friends, I really want to be distracted right now — I don't want to talk too much about my dad. So please don't be hurt if I don't pick up the phone or call you back. This is what I need to do, at least for now.

So! I'm going to take a hot shower and put on my flannel nightie and hunker down in my comfy green chair with a stack of library books, and Husband will bring me coffee, and I will try to resist the delicious brownies Mimosa made for dinner. (I had a small one.)

One day at a time.

Love and gratitude to you all,

Lady C


  1. Oops! I called before reading this. So don't call me! Instead, write! Write, write, write! And when you want a break, we'll walk! And on the calorie front, do you know what is freakishly high in calories? Quinoa. Seriously? It's a grass. Geez, I killed a few days on My Fitness Pal with that one. So stay away from quinoa. Because I'm sure that's high on your list of must-have foods. :-)

    1. Hee! Quinoa, the diet killer. Who knew??

      Once I'm "healed" (I know you've heard me say this for months now), I will so happily take a walk with you!! And thank you so much for your loving support — you are the best and the dearest.