Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I am exploding with things to talk about, but I only have two minutes before I need to throw on some lip gloss and a cuter top.

How I Met This Mother-Effing Finale

I hated hated HATED the How I Met Your Mother finale. HA. TED.

Grr! Arggh!

Today I Earned Every One of Those Seventy-Five Clams

Today was my most challenging subbing gig yet. At one point, I threatened to spit on a kid's Nacho Cheese-Flavored Doritos. At one point, I literally clapped my hands over a kid's mouth. At one point, I hauled a kid out from under the table and held him in midair for a moment.

Commented Mimosa: "Your day sounds exciting."

Note to Katie @ Nested: I saw Glum Albie!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Four Hours, Meryl Streep Becomes My Besty

Brunie and I are seeing her live and in person at 7:30. Our plan is to befriend her, become blood sisters (obvs),  and invite her to see Veronica Mars: The Movie with us, because we'd both like to see it again and it's leaving soon. Or, you know, whatever she wants to do. We're cool.

Reports to come!

— Lady C the Enticing


  1. So, did Meryl steal you off to a far-away island as her personal script reader? There has been eager anticipation for the promised "Reports to come!" ... and then today I noticed the date of this post was April 1st. Hmmm, loyal readers may be pondering, "She wouldn't do that to us.... now, would she?"

    1. Sorry to worry you, darling!

      I was FIVE PEOPLE AWAY from getting to ask Meryl a question, but no, no, the pesky UMass students persisted in asking the same damn question over and over ("What advice can you give me for breaking into this business?" "What advice can you give me as a woman for breaking into this business?" "What advice can you give me as someone who doesn't handle rejection well for breaking into this business?") and kept my from my future sure BFF. Later I ran into my buddy, our state rep, and said "Damn students," and he said, "Aren't they the worst??"

      I don't know why your comment was held for my approval; I promise you're on the approved list! (There is no such list, but you would totally be on it.)