Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Sweat, Therefore I'm Thin

I was so tired all day yesterday, and my stomach was wonky, and it was 3 million degrees outside, and the last thing in the world I felt like doing was flailing my 250-pound body around in a zumba class.

But I went.

And not only that, I finally remembered to bring my own hand weights. The heaviest weights at the zumba place are 3 pounds, but I lift 5 pounds at home, and everything I've read says that fewer reps of heavier weight are better than more reps of a lighter weight, so hey. While the rest of the class toiled away at glutes and abs, I did 5-pound bicep and tricep curls and arm extensions, many many many reps of each.

And! Usually the Italian Spitfire is toiling on her own mat with the rest of the class, but last night she was up and walking around while we labored. I caught her eye and said, "Listen, if you let me hold your feet, I'll do an ab exercise." So she led the whole class in what I call "throw downs," and she taught me a new variation, where you lift your legs to the side and work your obliques, which, OWWW, plus my left oblique is way weaker than my right, which is sort of interesting, but I did all the reps she wanted me to do, and the rest of the class is groaning, groaning, and the Spitfire said, "You can all thank Lady C for that one," which was pretty funny.

So, in other words: I did abs.


Today dawned gray and gloomy, and I looked at the sky with such hope. Surely if it were pouring rain, Writer Jenny would not make me walk with her? But alas, no skies wept for me today. In fact, it was perfect walking weather, just warm enough and lightly breezy, and there were so many cute dogs on the bike path, and I saw lots of old friends while waiting for Writer Jenny at Starbucks, and of course spending time with her is always a delight; we never run out of things to talk about.

She is also thin and limber and crazy fit, and I trudge along next to her, huffing and panting like an elderly buffalo. But it's good for me, even though my knees are whimpering and I'm contemplating a morning bath. It's summer vacation, why not?

As I walked today, it was so clear to me how much fitness ground I've lost. I'm trying not to be depressed about this. The only way to get it back is to keep on keepin' on, and I've made a good start.

One day at a time!

— Lady C


  1. For the record, if it were pouring rain... yes, I'd make you walk. Nothing nicer than a walk in summer rain! Let's put that on our to-do list, shall we? :-)

    1. I KNEW you would boss me into walking even if it were pouring!!! I did walk the bike path during a rainstorm last month . . . no real urge to repeat that adventure. But I guess it still beats my treadmill.

      So lovely to spend an hour with you! I hope your day was as industrious and productive as you'd hoped.