Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oh, She May Be Weary

Long time no blog, I know. Sorry about that. Dad's death and all of its related activities coupled with school ending and summer activities starting meant that Air Traffic Controller Mommy has had a pretty full plate for a while.

And I don't know if it's the usual summer doldrums (I don't do well in heat, though Arlington is having a beautifully mild summer so far, knock on wood) or a general fatigue brought on by grief (or a more nefarious explanation, such as chronic wasting disease), but I am weary all the time. I wake up at 7, stretch a little in bed, head downstairs to start my day . . . and by 9, I'm ready to return to the pillows.

I keep having to drive longish distances (my car is the only one with working air-conditioning at present — and even on a temperate day, for summer highway driving you still really need air-conditioning), and I've been having mini panic attacks because I can feel myself getting dozy on the road. Not good!

For two weeks, Li'l Martini was in LARP camp 9–4 and then had Assassins rehearsals from 5 to 9. That meant that I had to fix him a lunch and a snack to bring to LARP, plus have a nice healthy dinner ready for him to bolt during his hour of "free" time plus create a sustaining snack to bring with him — and two days a week I'm doing this plus driving him everywhere he needs to be (plus getting Mimosa to karate and myself to zumba) because Husband is teaching a night class. And, oh yes, LARP is nut-free – no peanut butter. So! Fun!

Hey, did you catch my reference to zumba? I'm back with the Italian Spitfire on Wednesday nights in air-conditioning; I move like a slug but at least I'm moving. My weight has crept up up up, which I suspect is adding to my fatigue and torpor. I seriously need a Boot Camp week, but I'm too weary to even contemplate it.

Today (among a dozen other goals) I plan to complete my application for a part-time job, which, if I get it, would change my life entirely.  I think I'm well-qualified for it — but I've thought this about many jobs I've applied for, and I've yet to get an offer. Apparently I'm not the glammy employment catch I thought I was! (Humbling.) Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

It feels like there are a million things I could write about, but I'm already — can you guess?? — exhausted, so I'll stop here. Tomorrow I've scheduled a morning walk with Writer Jenny (she says she'll walk with me after her workout, which blows my mind — to me, the walk is a workout. Writer Jenny is a Fitness Goddess!!), and having two exercisey events on my plate makes me feel virtuous. Sleepy, yes, but virtuous.

Time to weave some beautiful B.S. for my job application . . . at last, I'm using my college major of creative writing to make some money! Maybe.

You said it, kitty.

Yawn, yawn,

Lady C

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