Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Reading?

I was at Brunie's last week, and she has the coolest thing on the outside of her computer: a "page" with the covers of all her summer reading books over the years, starting from a young age. It was very cool to peruse . . . but also made me realize that I don't characterize books I've read that way. Did I read them in the summer or winter? I have no idea.

But I've read a bunch of excellent books so far this summer, so I thought I'd share some of the ones I've especially enjoyed:


"Enjoyed" may not be the right word for all of these — Brutal Youth is pretty grim, but I couldn't tear myself away from it yesterday — but I found all of them to be good, compelling, or at least fun reads.

I've also read maybe five other books that I didn't love at all and won't include here, including Orange Is the New Black, which (1) confirmed that the character of Piper is annoying as all giddy-up, whether onscreen or in print, and (2) is one of the few cases where I believe the movie (TV show) is better than the book. Very disappointing!

I'm currently reading I Love You More by Jennifer Murphy (jury's still out), and I've got Don't Try to Find Me and Pioneer Girl: A Novel waiting at the library — and Inspirational Kathy, your influence on my reading life should be abundantly clear, if it wasn't already!

What have you read and loved this summer?

— Lady C


  1. Just requested "Roadshow!" at the library! The Judy Greer book is definitely on my radar too. Read "Divergent" books 1 & 2 already. Not sure if I wanna read the last one. So many books, so little time! (Didn't we used to say that about men?!) xoxo

  2. You will like Roadshow! -- very skimmable, and there was tons of stuff in there I didn't know. I liked but didn't love the Judy book; I wanted more Hollywood gossip. But she is lots of fun, and I remembered J saying that she kept hearing Judy talking in my voice, which was cool. I like the Divergent series because the story carries me right along and I feel like I read them in five minutes, so I will read #3. I'm happy to re-enact it for you so you don't have to read it. :)

    I think you'd like "The Boy on the Wooden Box" -- nonfiction, Holocaust, right up your alley!