Saturday, July 26, 2014

Victory! Accomplishment! And Oh So Much Crap

Today is Chore Day, and I told the kids that our special task in addition to the usual was basement cleaning, Partly we needed to eradicate filth (it's a carpeted basement, and I think it's been a few months since we vacuumed — plus there were cobwebs and dust everywhere) and partly to re-organize and get rid of a bunch of old toys and other stuff that we no longer need.

PLUS, in the course of looking for costume pieces for Li'l Martini's upcoming (five) roles in Assassins, I discovered that the file cabinet drawer full of cherished baby clothes and the file cabinet drawer full of cute skinny clothes I hope to fit into again one day had totally mildewed, ew, so I am doing six loads of laundry today.

And as you might suspect, a lot of those cute skinny clothes — from the '80s — will be going fresh from the dryer to Goodwill.

I started working down there at 10:30 a.m. and didn't finish till 3:30; the kids and Husband came in and out and helped quite a bit, and we moved four enormous trash bags (two pure trash, two full of things to donate — not even counting the clothes, which are still being laundered) of crap stuff out of there, and then dusted and scrubbed and swept and vacuumed, and it is so sparkly clean and sweet-smelling and orderly right now!!

I, however, am rank and grimy, with a fine layer of grit clinging to my sweat. Yesterday I did a ton of yard work, and today's chores involved a lot of bending and lifting, and my whole body is crying with achy. Time for a long hot bubbly bath!

And my weight was down this morning, the lowest it's been in more than a month. Woo-hoo!

Tomorrow I will get that feeling I totally love and adore — padding downstairs in my nightie and bare feet, smelling hot perking coffee, feeling clean floors under my soles, and reveling in the sunlight sparkling on my freshly laundered house.  

Love. It.

Off to the tub!

—Achy-Breaky Musty-Dusty Lady C

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