Monday, August 11, 2014

First Birthday Without My Dad

Yesterday I turned 52 — or "fifty-wooo!" as one of my former friends would say. And yes, for moments here and there I was fifty-blue, missing my dad and feeling sad, but mostly it was a lovely chill day, just what I wanted.

Husband got up early to get me fresh doughnuts from Ohlin's Bakery, yummiest doughnuts in creation, and I had hot coffee and sweet fat Italian sausages (said Mimosa: "I love a sweet fat Italian") and crisp bacon and fresh raspberries and piles of presents. Throughout the day I read books and drank cold Chardonnay and sat on my patio and had a long phone call with Mom; for dinner, Husband and I had a private date and went to our local Thai place at the bottom of the hill, where I ran into one of the Sleek Suburban Moms, which was fun, and I ate Thai rolls and crab rangoon and drank more wine and enjoyed my sweet funny man.

A lovely day!

Here are some newsy tidbits:
  • The daughter of the other Sleek Suburban Mom writes a blog about writing, and she asked me to guest-post. Read my ramblings about my writing process here.
  • Li'l Martini performed in Assassins this weekend and did a great job. The whole show was FANTASTIC — I was wildly impressed by the quality of these teen actors! Here's Martini (on the right) portraying David Herold, one of the Lincoln assassination conspirators (that's John Wilkes Booth on the left):

  • I got nice feedback from my new science-editing client, so I'll be doing more of that, and tomorrow is my interview for the job I really want. Fingers crossed!
  • Mimosa is in driving school this week, and Husband is away presenting at a conference in New Hampshire, so Mommy is single-parenting. All will be well. I have projects planned for every day, plus some fun things to do with the kids (bowling! a frozen yogurt taste-off! making homemade pizza! fun fun fun).
Off to download my next science article — hopefully this one will go faster and I can make some reasonable dough.

Hey, does my writing look older?

Lady C

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