Thursday, August 14, 2014

Writing a Weight-Loss Blog While Not Losing Weight

Seriously — I haven't lost any discernible weight for two years now, and in fact, thanks to Tam (my visiting foreign exchange student! whose ways are so inscrutable and mysterious!) and perhaps my own aging metabolism (fifty-whoo!), I've gained back at least 10 of my hard-lost pounds, if not more, and the whole enterprise feels ridiculous and somewhat lacking in a point.

I cut out something from a magazine article about a woman who lost more than 100 pounds, and taped it to my computer:
" . . . 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, 64 ounces of water, and . . . at least 22 grams of fiber every day, plus staying within a daily 1,000–1,400 calorie range."
Whenever I'm next able to gird my loins and muster my wits and gather my rosebuds and whatever my whatevers, that will be my next Boot Camp week framework.

But that week is not this week. I've been crazy-busy with editing work, transporting Mimosa to and from driving school, getting Li'l Martini up and moving before noon (he is such a teenager! But he has 35 pages of summer reading to read each day, plus a glockenspiel to practice; he needs to get moving, says Drill Sergeant Mommy), and otherwise keeping the family going sans Daddy this week is taking every bit of energy I can muster.

And as I may have mentioned, I am moving at half speed these days. I am in a perpetual fog; my limbs are heavy; fatigue and fuzziness are my daily companions. It's like living inside an aspic.

It's a shame, too, because it's truly been the loveliest summer — warm mellow days, cool breezes, green lawns, fragrant gardens, chirping birds, a buzzing insect kingdom, and laughing, babbling toddlers. Life goes on, in all its verdant glory, and this too shall pass.

I have been logging my food this week, just to get a sense of what I'm eating, and I'm more or less within the calorie limits Fat Secret has given me — and yet, and yet. My grief has made me extra-absorbent,  I fear.

Someday, someday, I will have weight-loss news again.

Just not today.

Off to eat garlicky pasta and Trader Joe's Party Meatballs and veggie-loaded green salad and watch Gravity Falls with my kids.

Yawn, yawn.

— Lady C

p.s. My besty Lady Darcy says she loves it when I share what books I'm reading, and I am nothing if not a dutiful BF. I just read:

 . . . and enjoyed them both. I'm now reading:

And I just picked up three library books that I am totally excited about, though I may save them for next week's trip to California. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Thank you, my dutiful BF! I always enjoy hearing about what you are reading. That Night is already on request for me at the library! Help for the Haunted is a great title. Downton Abbey with ghosts? (Someone should totally write that!)

    1. I really enjoyed Help for the Haunted. I would love to believe that ghosts are real and that there truly are people who can communicate with the spirit world -- but I'm not sure how that ties in with "resting in peace," which is also my devout hope. Mom says she thinks Dad visits her in the night and covers her with a blanket, which is very sweet. I do know that I've had visits from Grandma, which I've mentioned, and her passing was not particularly peaceful. No visits from Dad yet (and his passing, as you know, was calm and lovely and near-perfect in terms of being a "good death"). "That Night" is not Chevy Stevens' best, but still a page-turny read. I liked the prison parts best.

    2. Somehow I missed When Patty Went to College (and, for that matter, Just Patty, too!) I'm madly curious -- must read! Still sending hugs.

    3. Oops -- that was SDF!

    4. I will happily loan both to you -- "Just Patty" is just okay, but "College" is AWESOME!! We chipped in to give it to Holly from her NEWBETSY aunties before she left for Smith, remember? You will love it. See you soon, I hope, my dear friend!

  2. I forgot about giving it to Holly! Now I have to read it. Love, SDF p.s. re weight loss, I find that so often my weight will go up temporarily (and that might mean for a while!) but then it will just as inexplicably start to go down again, at least a little, all of this within about a 20 pound range and not usually with much behavioral or dietary change. I've come to think that some of it must be hormonal or something over which I have little control. I think the important thing to do is what you're doing -- getting strong and fit and staying as beautiful as you already are.

    1. You can see from my post today how much your words here meant to me. Thank you so much for the encouragement, my dear friend! xxx