Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Chi Is Mad Focused, Yo

(Like my title? It came up on Google when I searched for "chi" images. I LOVE IT.)

So I did tai chi, and it was nowhere near as bad as I feared. Nor did it fix any problem in my life, or even a single problem I'm having with my achy breaky body. But it's early days yet.

Here's the Specific Fear Report:

It will hurt
Kinda. We stood for long, long periods of time while the teacher talked, endlessly, and I HATE standing and doing nothing. Also, I tweaked something in my back during a warm-up stretch, so my back was wonky for the entire class. I was so ready to sit after an hour, I almost cried.

I won't be able to do anything the way the teacher does it
Oh, yeah. I am quite the tai chi dork. I can't rotate my ball and have my hands end up where they're supposed to be.

But I will practice and practice — I told Husband, we are totally going to win at tai chi!

My knee will give out and I will shriek and cry
I didn't shriek or cry, but my knee hurt a lot during the pivot–weight shifting step.

I'll be fatter, older, and way more awkward than anyone else in the class
Ha! No. I am the Barbie Girl of this tai chi class. They'll put me front and center in the class picture, probably. ☺︎

I won't like it
Jury's still out. The teacher needs to stop yakking and get us moving, that's for sure. And I really thought that the weird Chinese dirge music would drive me mental, but I stopped hearing it once we got started. I think it will make me stronger and help my balance, and that is a good thing. And I LOVE doing this with Husband. Every time the teacher went on and on and ON about God knows what, I would turn to him with a perfectly expressionless face, and he would give me such sweet smiles.

I'll keep you posted!

— Lady Chi

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