Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Tai chi starts tonight! I am a quivering mass of trepidation.

I'm afraid that:
  • It will hurt
  • I won't be able to do anything the way the teacher does it
  • My knee will give out (I somehow tweaked it this morning, God only knows how, and almost died of knee pain while redeeming aluminum cans at Star Market)* and I will shriek and cry
  • I'll be fatter, older, and way more awkward than anyone else in the class
  • I won't like it

Okay, seeing my fears written out like this is good, because I can live with all of those things, even pain.

All will be well.


— Lady C, at peace

* J, now you know what I decided!

(I wrote J a past-due birthday note this morning and gave her the list of everything I might do today. And since "redeem cans" was the big winner, I think you can imagine how wondrous the other possibilities were, oui?)

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