Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sometimes a Bunny Is Just a Bunny

I meant to walk yesterday, didn't, and felt like a loser, so I determined that today was the day!! Though I am excellent at getting up early, full of resolution, and then putting off exercise. I meant to walk at 8 and have everything (weights, shower) wrapped up by 9:30. Instead, I didn't leave the house till 10 (partly because I was talking to my charming husband, but it seems wrong to blame him for my slacker tendencies).

As I prepared to cross Appleton Street, a bunny darted across my path! So adorable. I took it as a good omen for a good walking experience, which I needed right then because my knee was starting to hurt.

And then it began to rain.

I trudged onward for a couple of blocks, but honestly? Walking when your knee hurts is no damn fun. Walking when your knee hurts in the rain — seriously, how much am I supposed to put up with here???

That bunny was a BAD omen, I decided, as I cried uncle and headed for home.

But yesterday's feeling of Loser! Loser! was still fresh in my mind. Are you ready to cheer for me? I headed down to my basement and finished my walk on my treadmill. Yay, me! I shed my Loser skin and emerge a WINNER!


And the most amazing thing – after a moment of stiffness, my knee stopped hurting. I think the flat, even ground and consistent pace of the treadmill is probably better for an injured knee than my usual uneven terrain, which is very good to know!

So maybe that bunny was a good omen after all.

Or, you know — maybe it was just a bunny. Whatev.

I also lifted weights and did my shoulder PT and worked my core and stretched. And hauled a million bags and boxes of Husband's old clothes upstairs; Big Brothers Big Sisters is coming to pick them up at dawn tomorrow, and I will be so happy to have them out of my basement! Husband is not exactly a hoarder . . . he just has a lot of special things. A LOT of special things. But he is kindly allowing me to donate these clothes, and that is huge. He is a good man.

I'm pushing myself to do one more "throw down" each time I do them, and I'm up to 23. Steely abs will be mine in no time! I will invite you all to bounce quarters off me.

On today's docket:
  • Shower, SOON (it is steamy-warm in my basement, I am a sweaty stinky kitten)
  • Edit a science article 
  • Send my Maybelline Queen a birthday card — her birthday's tomorrow
  • Buy wine and soy milk (the bare necessities! And I've found a cheap chardonnay that I like a lot; though I am eternally devoted to Mr. Kendall Jackson, at the rate I drink, he is a pricey beau)
  • Deal with the pile of paper in front of my computer (I'm not even sure what's in there)
  • Read 10 pages of How to Pay for College Without Going Broke (I have vowed to read 10 pages a day; more than that will make me cry, I fear)
  • Make a kick-ass supper (pork chops with mushrooms and cashews, rice, roasted beets, carrots, and turnips, and red-hot apples)
  • Watch Dance Moms with Mimosa (ugggghhhhh), iron two shirts, mend my capris, and re-do the neckline of a dowdy tank top
Full fun day! I am off to seize it.

– Stinky Sweaty Lady C

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