Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Woman Warrior!

Pride Moment #1: I took a walk! I followed my beloved neighborhood route, which I believe J and I clocked at 2.36 miles. It involves many hills and valleys, craggy broken sidewalks, exposed tree roots, etc. — it's not a silky-smooth treadmill walk, in other words.

Pride Moment #2: At least seven times during the course of my walk, I had that feeling of this isn't fun, I can't do the whole thing, I'm going to stop early. My knee started hurting within a couple of minutes, I got very out of breath climbing the hill by Nurse Kathy's house, my knee began hurting again as I descended the hill that runs along the highway (which was sad, because this is usually my favorite part of the walk — the wind at my back, the vista of Lexington spread out before me, the gold statue of the Angel Moroni on the Mormon temple glowing in the morning sun — but downhill does not seem to be good for me. Alas, I live in Arlington Heights, not Arlington Plateau) . . . but I kept giving myself little pep talks and trying to get lost in my music, and whatever I did worked because I walked the entire route.

And my knee is fine! Well, as fine as my knee ever is lately, but still. I'm no more crippled than usual, how's that?

Pride Moment #3: I lifted weights! I used my 3-pound weights and did 50 bicep curls, 55 tricep curls, and 30 each arm and "armpit" extensions. I also did 25 wall push-ups. And I made myself do 21 throw-downs (ab exercises), even though my back screamed at me.

Pride Moment #4: I stretched!!! This is the part of the workout I tend to skip, but I feel so good after I do it; it's also part of my knee physical therapy, so today I bit the bullet and muscled through.

Pride Moment #5: I need to get cash, and the CVS in East Arlington has an ATM for my bank, and I thought, "Well, as long as I'm driving all the way down there, I might as well go out to lunch . . ." and then thought NO. I am working so hard this week to get back on track, health-wise; I am not going to derail my own good work with butter-soaked restaurant food! I shall eat lightly at home and get my cash another time.

Oh, such virtue! What a model of health I am! How I envy you all, having me to envy!


Moment That Made Me Laugh #1: I stopped by Good Neighbor Anne's house to drop off a thank-you note, she happened to be home, so we took a few minutes to catch up.

Forty-five minutes later . . .

!! There is always so much to talk about!!

Moment That Made Me Laugh #2: As I prepared to ascend the vertical 25-mile hill of Nurse Kathy's street, my singing sweetie Mr. Manilow crooned these words:
Caught up in a world / Of uphill climbing . . .
He IS music! He DOES write the songs! Barry knows everything.

Time to haul my stinky carcass into the shower and then start a fruitful few hours at my computer. There are a million things I could do but nothing I have to do, today anyway, and that is a nice feeling.

— Lady C