Thursday, October 23, 2014

How Can This Be????

There are 173 messages in my Inbox. One hundred and seventy-three!!! Do I even know 173 people????

Plus, both my knees hurt. HURT!

I get upstairs by crawling, I swear to God. Husband is not much better off. We are spectacles.

I long for jammies, blanky, hot cocoa . . . but it's only 3 p.m.

Just needed to vent.

— Lady C, on the edge


People! People! I'm exhausted!!!!!! Talk amongst yourselves for a while.


  1. In my world, 3 PM is a perfectly appropriate time for jammies, blanky & cocoa (but I don't have kids...)

    I haven't been commenting because I've been wiped out from starting a job working with people with dementia 4 weeks ago, and I wanted to let you know that *inspired by you* I bought cheap chardonnay instead of my usual cheap red wine:
    a big bottle of Barefoot Chardonnay is on sale for $8 at a place on my way home and it tastes perfectly acceptable is you've just spent hours among the confused, and probably even if you haven't. A friend told me that white wine is a better muscle relaxant, and indeed I've been feeling better for it.
    Plus I've been going to bed at 7ish.
    Today I finally feel energized again, but I still get to keep drinking chardonnay!

  2. I am so happy to have inspired you in this way!

    Your new job sounds quite fascinating, and I love how you write about it. I'm going to go leave a comment for you right now.