Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One Day at a Time Takes Freaking Forever

So much going on! This weekend I was a master of accomplishment, checking items off my to-do list right and left. Half my basement papers are filed! Estimates for porch railings are flying into my Inbox! I wrote an article for the church newsletter, read this week's submissions for my writers group, made pumpkin brownies with the aging can of pumpkin in my fridge! I called, I wrote, I went Halloween shopping with my son (we needed face paint for his disgusting costume, and pumpkins for carving, which turned out to be surprisingly challenging! But we found what we wanted at Wilson Farms, plus some hot-out-of-the-fryer cider doughnuts, a highlight of this glorious season).

(I'll try to remember to take a picture of our jack-o'-lanterns before the slutty squirrels have their way with them. They turned out super cute!)

A few updates and newsy bits:

  • It's my fifth day off the Tam. I'm in a supremely good mood, but can we attribute that to being Tam-free? or getting stuff done, which I LOVE? or the gorgeous weather? or my knees hurting less today? I'm still weepy, the scale needle hasn't budged, and my digestive cycle is a thing of woe. Progress? I dunno. Plus I have an exciting new ailment: ulnar nerve entrapment, caused by excessive computer work! Awesome. 
  • I'm getting x-rays on both knees on Friday, and I have an appointment with an orthopedist on November 6. I am so hopeful that something can be done and I can be pain free. And return to zumba!!
  • Yesterday was the birthday of my darling friend Zanzibar! Happy belated birthday, dear friend. I am delighted to celebrate the fact of your birth.
  • I have found the yummiest way to cook vegetables! The Pioneer Woman inspired me. Usually I make fun of her recipes ("This is so delicious, and all you need is a pound of butter, three cups of sour cream, and a block of cheese!") but this one is actually healthy. She says, Mix your seasonal vegetables! So instead of a big pan of starchy roasted roots (turnips, beets, squash — all of which I like, but it does get kinda . . . old), I added mushrooms, onions, red peppers, asparagus, and lots of sliced fresh garlic, and sprinkled everything with my favorite J. Lee Roy seasoning plus salt and pepper, and roasted two trays (the other secret is to spread everything waaayyyyyy out) at high heat (450 degrees) for 20 minutes. YUM!!! And so pretty, too!
  • Tonight the kids and I are going to see Les Miserables at North Shore Music Theatre, so fun! I've never seen it onstage before. It's been a theater-heavy couple of weeks, for sure, but there is almost nothing I love more than live theater.

I feel like I had other stuff to say, but I need to eat some lunch (potato soup, green salad) and get ready for the long haul to Danvers, Mass. Before we head out, Li'l Martini must see his orthodontist, so he'll be a sad boy with ouchy-tight braces when we hit the road. I am packing soft snacks and Motrin.

I dreamed a dream  . . . that tomorrow my scale will give me some positive freaking reinforcement, for once!

 — Lady C

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