Friday, October 17, 2014

So Much Culture

Last night we celebrated Sukkot with our neighbors, as we've done each year since the girls were in kindergarten. Now they are big grown-up high school juniors . . . Time, how you do fly.

It rained all Thursday, so rather than dine in the sukkah, for the first time we ate indoors — which for some reason I got all pissy about, like, what is the point?

But Good Neighbor Anne reminded me to take a breath, which was good advice. Pizza dinner with the neighbors, what's not to like? And I brought Chardonnay and homemade chocolate cookies and brown sugar-butter bars, thus ensuring that there would be delicious things to eat and drink no matter what, and it was a perfectly pleasant evening.

Tomorrow night, my actor buddy Handsome D is starring in Angels in America, and Mrs. Cynicletary (aka Mrs. Handsome D) and Brunie and I are going to see him. I expect the play to be a major downer, based on the 15 minutes of the HBO special I forced myself to sit through, but I do love live theatre, and Mrs. C says there are funny bits.

And it will be fun to spend an evening with my dear friends, even though they are very lippy girls:
  • Brunie: I'm happy to drive, so we won't need an hour and a half to get to Concord.
          [Note: My friends think I drive like I'm on 'ludes. Hardy har har]
  • Mrs. Cynicletary: D and I will meet you at the restaurant at 5:30. His call is at 6:30, so he can at least get a bite to eat, just not drinks or dessert. We will drink on his behalf.
  • Brunie: Oh my gosh — dining with one of the stars! How am I going to be able to digest my food??
  • Mrs. Cynicletary: Well, the act of chewing will begin the digestive process, followed by stomach acids dissolving the food. Then it will travel from your large intestine to your small intestine, and a final salute from the colon will send it on a watery vacation.
  • Brunie: And now I never want to eat again.
  • Me: I will drink for Handsome D, Husband, and Mr. Brunie, also those who have succumbed to the dreadful scourge of AIDS. Because I am never touching solids again. Ew.
  • Mrs. Cynicletary: Lady C, you are a Giver.
  • Brunie: So willing to drink for all.
In weight loss news, there is none. My knees hurt, tai chi almost killed me this week, and all I want to do is drink the new cheap Chardonnay I found.

 My friends weigh in:
  • Mrs. Cynicletary: Got to get you into more supportive shoesies! 
  • Brunie: Mr. Kendall Jackson is a re-builder of lives.
  • Inspirational Kathy: WHAT new cheap Chardonnay, I ask you? Do not omit important information.
Hee! I love my friends.

The wine is called Rawson's Retreat, and I can get it for $6 a bottle:
This wine has an uncommon level of complexity for an offering at this price point.
 Check it out! Remember, I am a Giver.

Lady C for Crabby


  1. You need to post your review of ANGELS. And also remember all the funny things that I can't remember that we said in spite of being the token non-drinker!

  2. 1. Thanks for the Chardonnay info. I was going to ask, too.
    2. Colorsilk is PERMANENT color, but on my head (curly and coarse, which is not rough like it sounds - just HEARTY hair), all color is permanent. I used to check and re-check the boxes. Now I spend a small fortune every 3 week to keep the grays out.
    3. I saw you with these ladies on FB. A new era.

    1. Raise a glass to me, my glamorous friend! I also have hardy-hearty hair -- we shall see what happens, roots-wise.

      *I* haven't even seen me with these ladies on Facebook!! You are way ahead of me.