Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Can't Think of a Title

Brunie and I were talking about getting together on Tuesday night, but after Errand # 2,019 early in the day, I began to fade.

I e-mailed her:
Check with me again later in the day, maybe I’ll have a second wind. (A mighty wind! It’s blowing you and me!) 

I have to go back to the bank before then, though, because Smarty Bank Lady gave me a form that I wasn’t supposed to take with me.

How I love incompetency. How refreshing and inspiring I find it. How I look forward to toasting SBL with my first drink of the day.

Brunie wrote:
The first drink of the day wasn't imbibed before 12:30? You're doing GREAT!

I said:
Only because I was still at the bank.  Clearly I need a flask. A discreet flask that looks like a lipstick, I think.

Well, looky what came in the mail today!


My girl Brunie — she awesome.

So here I am, two weeks off the Tam, waiting for the 10 pounds that fell right on to fall right off, my digestive system to right itself, and my mood to dramatically lighten, lessen, and otherwise shape up.

. . . .

I have nothing to report. Either (1) it wasn't the Tam causing all these problems or (2) the Tam has PERMANENTLY RUINED ME. I bet you can guess which one I think it is.

Today's million errands also included a cortisone shot in each knee — and I have a new nominee for the lowest rung on the ladder to happiness, believe me. I hope and expect that my knees will feel terrific and zumba-ready soon, but to quote from the handout I was sent home with:
When the novacaine wears off, the area where the shot was given may be quite sore and you may experience pain to the same degree that you had before your injection. This may last 1–2 days and then gradually diminish.
Both knees hurt like blazes. Time to lie on the couch with ice packs, swilling Motrin and watching Jeopardy. And "supervising" Li'l Martini as he packs for a weekend away with his LARP buddies. I'm not sure which I "love" more — packing myself, or being responsible for someone else's packing.

Jeopardy will be a good distraction.

Ooh, and maybe I'll play with my flask.

— Lady C

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