Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Lists, and My Slavish Devotion to Them. Sorta

Brunie and I were talking about our favorite Christmas movies, and she convinced me to watch Last Holiday starring her ladywife Queen Latifah — and it is delightful! Check it out if you'd like to enjoy a light holiday romp, or (especially) if you're a lady who loves cool James. I'm just saying.

Hotttttt . . .

The kids and I saw Night at the Museum: I Think We're Done Now yesterday for Li'l Martini's birthday, and that was also a fun romp, though every single line uttered by Robin Williams seemed to have double meaning, which was bittersweet. But it was lovely to see all those old friends again, and we laughed a lot. Plus there's a surprising cameo that was especially delightful to me — I'll say no more, because half the fun is the surprise. Anyway, we liked it, even though Martini seems to have caught my cold (which I continue to hold at bay, but it's still lurking at the edges, waiting for a crack in my medical armor) and spent the two hours sinking lower in his seat and curling up against my shoulder — which was very sweet because even at 14, long and lanky as a colt and with an ever-deepening voice, he is still MY BABY!!!!

I'm officially On Vacation right now, though today I'm doing my very last Christmas shopping. I think. And then I'm invited to Good Neighbor Anne's for tea and cookies, which sounds lovely.

But even On Vacation, I still have projects I hope to get done before the New Year:
  • Tack down my living room rug (it had been in my bedroom for years; it took me a few months to decide I liked it in the living room)
  • Get the 242 freaking e-mails in my Inbox down to fewer than 50
  • Clean out the game cupboards; ideally get it down to one cupboard
  • Read and sign a bunch of financial forms
  • Finish my basement filing project
  • Write our Christmas letter
  • Deep-clean the dining room carpet
  • Clean the dining room chair cushions and tighten the chair screws
  • Do a bunch of things for my church committee
So fun, right? I don't know why I don't hop to these right away.

Here's a funner list:

Movie Scenes That Always Make Me Cry
  • The opening of Breakfast at Tiffany's (Oh Audrey)

  • Fred Astaire narrating the wedding of Kris Kringle and Jessica in Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (don't judge me)
  • The scary old guy next door hugging his redheaded granddaughter at the end of Home Alone
  • Meryl Streep painting her daughter's toenails before her wedding in Mamma Mia!
  • The "La Marseillaise" scene in Casablanca
  • Burt Lancaster stepping across that line in Field of Dreams
  • All the toys bravely joining hands and preparing to die in Toy Story 3
There are probably more (Husband will know) but I'm a little weepy now and need to blow my nose.

Why is my throat sore? It is time to be well, dammit!! I need some drugs. And a hot shower. And a hot toddy, maybe, but that will have to wait. Sister, I've got a list to tackle!

Off to it.

— Lady C, icon of determined wellness

p.s. Here are my latest holiday nails:

I was going for a jewel tone thang — ruby, emerald, etc. — topped with glitter. Alas, what's most evident in this picture is that my cuticles are still inflamed. Another thing to add to the list, I guess.


  1. I saw Last Holiday when it came out and liked it a lot---especially the scene where she orders ALL the specials on the menu! :)

    My favorite Christmas movie is Moonstruck--have you seen it?


    1. I LOVE "Moonstruck"! Though I don't think of it as a Christmas movie . . . clearly it's time for another viewing! (And I also loved that scene where she orders the specials -- ooh, that chef made turnips look so good!!) Happiest of holidays to you, my friend.

    2. Well, it's really only vaguely a Christmas movie because it happens to takesplace at Christmastime (you see trees & cards), but that's good enough for me---any excuse to watch it again. :)

      Ay, ay, ay---I am sorry to hear of your and your mother's travails with health care, transportation, and Difficult People (I know them well, and sometimes am one---or even several of them, though not usually all at once).
      A favorite phrase from "Moonstruck" that might-could come in handy somewhere:

    3. Excellent phrase! I think I will watch "Moonstruck" while I update my 2015 calendar — such a dull job (adding my children's 10 million events), I need something fabulous to keep me engaged!