Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mom, Christmas's Expiration Date, and New Year's Eve, Part the First EDITED

Thank you for the waterfall of loving wishes that cascaded over me after my last post. Everything has worked out pretty much perfectly. After four-plus hours of nonstop phone calls and information-gathering, Mom added a new option to the mix: Merit Medi Trans, a non-emergency medical transport service operating in Northern California, which could get her from the airport to Chico. We talked through the merits of "stay in SoCal and heal before flying" vs. "Get home to Chico and heal there," and when it was laid out that baldly Mom picked option the second. So I went to MMT's website, saw that I'd have to call them . . . and promptly did this:

At that point, I realized that I could not make one more phone call and handed the reins to Little Brother. And God bless him, he connected the rest of the dots, getting Mom an airline ticket, arranging airport transport with the hospital, booking MMT, and making sure that Mom had a room at rehab.

She called me from the Merit Medi Trans van on her way to Twin Oaks Rehab yesterday. Success!!!!!!

I have also talked to Mom's besty, Tia Gabi, who promises to take Mom to the gym for weight-lifting. She has promised this before (she is Señorita Super Agreeable/Super Unreliable) but I think this was a come-to-Jesus moment for all of us, and maybe now she'll follow through.
Or she won't. I am very clear on how much control I have over this matter — and quite frankly, I don't make all the right health decisions for myself either, so who am I to judge someone else on this particular topic?

(On other topics, though — sister, get out of my way, I have some serious judging to do!!)

In other news, we "took down Christmas" yesterday. Husband expressed some surprise at the earlyness of this event, believing that "everyone I've ever known and currently know and have ever heard of waits till after the New Year" (I think that's an accurate quote. That's definitely the gist of it, anyway). And while I'm reasonably sure that I could cover Husband's eyes and he couldn't name more than 10 of our 10,000 decorations, so his sudden and deep interest in anything relating to the decorations struck me as curious, I was nonetheless intrigued and took a quick poll among some of my pallies. Brunie's response was the funniest:
The day after Christmas,  Mr. Brunie and I jumped over each other to tear that thing down. The boys came into the living room after waking up and said, "So Christmas is over then?" We were like, "Yes, please stop feeling joy now." It was lovely. And I now have my living room back.
The bottom line is that it doesn't matter when anyone else does it, we can do it whenever we want, yesterday we had a free day, we have other slightly un-fun events scheduled for the next few days (turning mattresses, writing thank-you notes), and I am always an advocate for "work first, play later" — so, voila! Time to take down Christmas.

Which we did, and it only took an hour. Bye-bye Christmas! See you next year.

Our New Year's Eve tradition is to buy appetizers and desserts at Trader Joe's, play games all night, watch the ball drop, and make a joyful noise (we open the front door and bang some pots and pans together). I think we're also going to see movies today; the boys want to see "The Interview" and Mimosa and I may see "Birdman." Fun!

This morning, I plan to clear some things off the counters (we broke some stuff yesterday while un-decorating, including the Spock nutcracker — oh, that poor guy — so I have some hot-gluing to do), write an angry letter to Kohl's, and put out lovely decorations for the New Year: silver candles in crystal candlesticks, bowls of pine cones and red berries, crocheted snowflakes hanging from my ficus, twinkle lights along the curtain rod in the living room. Things that are clean and sparkle and catch the light and make me feel happy about the coming winter. And then I'll go to the movies and eat popcorn and blue Slushee, and come home and eat and play with my family. A great day!

I also have some library books to read:

Plus some fun rereads:

Entertainment Weekly picked their favorite Agatha Christies, so I'm rereading all of their picks.

One book I will not be reading:

I tried one chapter . . . not for  me.

Time to start finishing 2014. Reflections and resolutions to come later — my day is already full.


— Lady C


I'd originally written Husband's quote as "everyone I've ever known and currently know and have ever heard of waits till after Christmas" to take down their decorations.

Well, yes. One would hope they'd wait until Christmas before dismantling the tree. My bad!


  1. So glad your mom is safely home (we assume, by now), but imagine it must be hard to have her recover so far away from you.


    Sending some "goat cheer" your way:
    Or perhaps:

    Happy New Year!

    1. OMG, you have turned me into a person who watches animal videos on YouTube! Those little goats are SO CUTE!!!!! And then of course I needed more and more goat cheer — yeah, there went half an hour. :-)

      Love you, sweetie! I still hope/plan to get Mimosa to a Broadway show this year, and we will hook up with you. Fun!!!!


  2. I'm THRILLED that little brother helped you!!
    Also, our Christmas stuff was down on December 27th!
    Happy 2015!
    Mrs. Cynicletary

    1. Yes, it was a joyful surprise to me as well. He was very efficient, though full of complaints about what "other people" should be doing to help out. I restrained from saying, "Honey? That's what all our relatives say about YOU." Restraint and silence — key words for family harmony!

      I knew that you and D undecorated pretty quickly. Remember my cute teensy friend Brandy? She used to toss her tree out the window on December 26. Gauging by the trees that appeared by the side of the road on Monday, looks like most folks around here took them down Sunday the 4th — whatev. They are not the boss of me! And I love having my clean pretty house back.

      See you soon! xxx