Saturday, December 20, 2014

Putting the "Ho" in "Holiday"

OK, not really. But I was a happy flirty party girl all day yesterday, which was great fun. I felt like crap for most of the week — some kind of bronchial malaise, plus migraine, plus exhaustion, plus persistent holiday stress that insists on creeping in through the cracks even though I am very very good at staying relatively chill this time of year (for Jesus!). But I got stuff done in the mornings and spent the afternoons sipping tea and resting quietly, and plus I brought in the big guns:

I swear, this is the best cold drug in the entire world. If you can catch your cold early and faithfully take these meds, your symptoms will be bearable and your cold will be gone in two days.

NOTE: This isn't the actual drug. Mine is called "CVS Severe Head Congestion Cold Relief Daytime," but I can't find an image for it. Weird! The box is red and teal with a yellow stripe, if that helps.

We're still having lots of fun here at Chez Chardonnay. I had hot lunch dates with Husband on both Monday and Tuesday, even though by Tuesday I was feeling sick and spent much of our lunch sinking lower in my seat. Husband was very solicitous, and we had yummy food and great talk.

The kids performed three times in the last two weeks (I got tired of going out at night, but the music was glorious). Mimosa sang with the Madrigals last week (stunning!), and Li'l Martini sang with the Boys Chorus on Wednesday (he had a solo!!!! e-mail  me privately if you want a link to the video recorded by MY NEW BEST AND FAVORITE FRIEND Writer Jenny, who is not the Worst Mother In the World, unlike moi) and played his glockenspiel on Thursday.


In the midst of that we watched the Survivor finale and cheered when our favorite, Natalie, was declared the winner. (Well, actually, our favorite was Josh, but he was voted out early.)

Speaking of Writer Jenny, she saved my bacon earlier in the week as well, and then she and I had a brush with death. But let me back up:

Mimosa's school pictures weren't offered in a package that I wanted; I need very few pictures, and I don't want to spend $40 for a bunch of extras. So I ordered only a handful of wallet-sized, figuring I would use the photo machine at Walgreens to blow them up to two 5x7s, which is all that I need.

Which is also against the law, because the photos are copyrighted.

Which you can get around sometimes if (1) you can get the machine to work yourself or (2) a bend-the-rules kinda person happens to be working the photo counter.

Unfortunately, neither item went my way that day, so I grumpily trudged into the aisles to find photo paper so we can scan and print them at home, and there I ran into Writer Jenny:
  • Me: I'm looking for photo paper.
  • WJ: I have tons. Want some?
  • Me: OMG yes, thank you. Oh, and happy Hannukah!
  • WJ: Thanks. I'm making latkes tonight and trying to think what to serve with them.
  • Me: Sour cream and applesauce?
  • WJ: Main dish.
  • Me: Ah. How about a great big ham?
  • WJ: Ha. My kids would actually love that. Nah, I'm thinking lentil soup but I don't have lentils.
  • Me: Ooh! I have lentils! I will trade you a bag of lentils for some photo paper, just as they did in the Old Country.
An hour later she e-mailed me:

We narrowly missed being hit by an 87-year-old man who apparently thought that Walgreens' front door was a drive-through window. Li'l Martini asked, "Is the driver in jail?" I said no. Thoughtfully, he considered this, then said, "What do you have to do to get put in jail?" Good question, my friend!

(The Registry is "reviewing" the driver's record to see if he should continue to have a license. I do have an opinion on that . . .)

Yesterday I felt much better; the spring was back in my step and the ache was gone from my throat. I got some shopping done at Target, then had a glorious our-vacation-begins-NOW lunch with Mrs. Cynicletary:

(This is her drink. You know what I drink.) We were very happy and flirty with our adorable waiter, and I came home with a huge bag of foccacia and garlicky bread dip for Mimosa.

Then it was time for an evening with Brunie! First we drank sangria and got gussied up for Sister Hart's party:

Brunie let me put make-up on her. Isn't she pretty? I wish you could see her manicure, which she calls "bondage Santa."

And then we drove to Nashua, New Hampshire, on a lovely winter's eve, with minimal traffic and a song in our hearts!
  • Brunie: You know where we're going, right?
  • Me: Well, I know which exit to take. Not so much after that. But I think we are good at figuring it out.
  • Brunie: I think that we are not.
  • Me: So, we disagree.
We did eventually find it, thanks to the wit and wisdom of Brunie's GPS, "Lady." (We were in a driveway when we turned her on, and Lady said, "Head southeast down wherever the heck you are, then turn left on Nowell." Something like that.)

Sister Hart throws an excellent soiree. As my Constant Readers know, I am usually awkward at parties, but I've gotten to know her friends over the years so I feel more comfortable. And her food is sublime. She made a sliced roast beef that was so tender you barely had to chew it, served with a mouth-puckeringly delicious horseradish sauce . . . how I regret that my stomach is a finite space. And I enjoyed many glasses of my signature drink and then finished the evening with a hearty cupful of rum-spiked eggnog — oh my. So so so good!!! And we laughed and chattered and had a very jolly time. Great party!

(I told two funny stories, one involving my son and duct tape, and one involving a particularly unsavory plot twist in the play my friends Mrs. Cynicletary and Handsome D recently starred in — and then repeated these stories for the rest of the night, as every time a new person came in someone would say, "Tell your duct tape story! Tell your Barbie head story!" I began to feel like I was on continuous loop. But it made for easy conversation, which is not a bad thing for the socially awkward.)

Today is Chore Day, of course, and I have a few things to gather and wrap for Li'l Martini's 14th  birthday tomorrow and a gift certificate to buy for Kind Tina, but otherwise it should be a lovely chill day. I'm reading an excellent book:

And I've fallen in love with this show, which I'm watching via Netflix:

I've only seen Season 1; don't tell me anything.

Oh, my — how did it get to be 10:35?? Time to start my easy, restful day! Because: I'm on vacation!!! And I'm so glad to finally be feeling it!!!

Happy day, my friends.

— Lady C, party girl


  1. I feel very grateful that you have deemed me "not the Worst Mother In the World" because that is EXACTLY the opposite of what my daughter was calling me tonight when I was screaming at her to practice her stupid instrument that I didn't even want her to play in the first place. Happily, I found wine, and no longer cared about my newfound status and the fact that I have clearly scarred my child for life. Because, you know. Wine.

    1. I will crown you right now! Pie isn't old enough to vote.

  2. That is a lovely picture of Brunie and you. And here's your drug - scroll down for pic:

    And, I almost emailed you the article about the new drive-thru at Walgreens and feared there were a million Walgreens in Arlington and you would think I lived in Mayberry if I asked it that were YOUR Walgreens.

    1. OK, this is totally weird - that's not the right one either. That one has a darker blue stripe, and mine is definitely teal - and it includes the word "Severe" in the title. I got the last box on the shelf today; do you think it's being discontinued????? I have two sick men at home -- I need this drug!!!!!

      And thank you for the nice compliment. We are pretty girls! (too funny about Walgreens)