Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Small Successes, Pockets of Progress

Ironically, Health and Beauty Day comprised way more Health than Beauty (ironic given what a girly-girl I am), but I simply ran out of time — lots going on around here. But I exercised like a crazy person: walked just over a mile on my treadmill, lifted weights five different ways, did my shoulder PT, did my knee PT, worked my core, stretched. In contrast, my beauty efforts were to exfoliate my face and paint my fingernails violet — not nothin', but not the pampering spa-like experience I yearn for, either.

I also researched ladypart-friendly stationary bike seats and plan to order one this weekend; biking will be very good for my poor knees. And I've faithfully logged my food and am endeavoring to make better choices and to eat small meals.

Today's theme was School and Church. I did the school part, subbing in fourth grade, which was a blast. I plan to make some church calls before Survivor. If I make at least four calls, I will call it Success.

I've lost not a fraction of a pound and every muscle I own is shrieking murderous accusations, but I feel happy and clear-eyed and on track.

About that Bill Cosby quote: I know Mr. C is a controversial figure these days, and yet this quote speaks to me very profoundly. I have a couple of thin friends who make being thin seem incredibly un-fun. They obsess over their tiny weight gains. If they can't fit into their skinny jeans, their day is ruined. They eschew carbs and are convinced that the only thing standing between them and happiness is those last five wretched pounds.

If I manage to lose a significant amount of weight, I would hope that I would dance around in my tank tops and pencil skirts, flexing for strangers, reveling in my thinness, happy as a cricket. I want to thoroughly enjoy my (small, delicious) meals. I don't want to consider any food off limits. On the topics of weight and health, I want to be peaceful and serene.

It's absurd to say that fear of turning into my crazy thin friends* is what's keeping me fat — but it has been on my mind for a while.

Anyway. Time to make some phone calls! Ugh.

— Lady C

* I do have sane and healthy thin friends as well.

p.s. I subbed in Pie's class today, the adorable daughter of Writer Jenny. WJ's in Israel but she e-mailed me this morning:
Subject: Someone is very excited . . .
 . . . about the sub she is going to have for the "hole intire day!"

(If you could work on spelling, I'd appreciate it.)
I responded:
Spelling, no problem. I’ll send her home a champion. But the teacher can only do so much, Jenny — blood will out.


  1. Oh, dear--that Crosby quote conjures up some wince-making images, but yes, I know what you mean and it's a good thought on its own.
    Let me (us) know what you find in ladypart-friendly bike seats cause I need one too.
    My bike seat is falling apart from being out all winter, and it was never friendly to begin with.

    I love food, and I want to practice loving it in smaller quantities.

    My favorite thin role-model was a woman who never ate anything that wasn't scrumptious---she always eschewed low-fat versions of full-fat foods and never ever bothered with cheap chocolate---she just ate very small servings with full satisfaction.

    1. Ew. Ew. I wasn't reading the Cosby quote "that way," and now I'm cringing too.

      I will keep you posted on the bike seat. And YES to only eating scrumptious things! I served a cantaloupe with our dinner last night that was ripe and sweet and perfect, so I saved it for after dinner and ate it as dessert, the whole time reminding myself how delicious and satisfying it was. Sugar, fat, and salt are yummy, but they are not the *only* yummy things. I am endeavoring to remember this.

  2. An "intire" day with you, and she still can't spell! Arg! But she's at least agreed to work on her spelling with me. Progress. And when I sent you that e-mail, I neglected to mention that her sentence was followed by five exclamation points. A good day was had by all, even if she can't spell. (Previous comment deleted because it linked to the wrong place.)

    1. Definite progress!! And she was a good sport when I shared her story with the class (with her permission, though I didn't "out" her as the writer of the e-mail). She is so adorable and such a good helper. I had a blast with her.

      As always happens when I sub, kids finish things faster than teachers expect, and I had a little time to fill — so I invented a game! Did Pie tell you about it? It was sort of an interactive Mad Lib, and even a little teachy, since the kids had to tell me whether the word they'd written down was a noun, a verb, or an adjective. It was HILARIOUS.

      You can teach spelling but you can't teach charm. Your daughter has it nailed.