Saturday, March 14, 2015

Weekend Update

So, how'd I do?

I give myself a B+. Maybe even an A–. It was a really good week, and for the most part I stuck to both my plans and my calorie limit. I deliberately ate lots more vegetables and fruit than I might have, and I made a conscious effort to snack less. It became clear to me that I often eat when I'm tired of working and need a break. Teasing apart "actual hunger," when food will give me needed fuel, and "distraction non-hunger" has been an interesting challenge.

The one "theme day" that didn't play out as planned was Thursday: Fiction Writing. I got an unexpected editing job that filled both Thursday and Friday, and editing work trumps everything. I'm disappointed, though, because I was looking forward to having some new pages and stirring that dormant part of my brain again. I have another editing job scheduled for Monday, so maybe Tuesday . . . ? I have to pack for California, but that will only take an hour. We shall see.

Other things that I meant or wanted to do:
  • Connect with my State Farm rep. Instead, I left my fourth message. The thing is, her outgoing message says, "If I'm away from the phone, press '1' to be connected to another agent," and I just haven't pressed "1" yet. On Monday, I am determined to press "1," first thing in the morning, editing job be damned. This has been hanging over me for too long.
  • Do more knee PT. I only did it twice. But I will do it today and tomorrow, so that will be four, and my goal was five. 
My other Weekly Goals were to log my food, order a lady-part friendly stationary bike seat, and lose 1.5 pounds:
  • I logged my food daily. This week comprised several restaurant meals; I ordered fish and salads and had balsamic vinegar for dressing and did pretty well. On one day, the circle representing my Fat, Carbohydrates, and Protein was divided into equal thirds, which is always my goal and literally has never happened before, and that was cool. (Rediscovering cottage cheese has helped; the savory flavors, like Roasted Onion and Chive or Cucumber and Dill, are yummy, and that's a nice bit of protein with very little fat. Win-win!)
  • Today's plans include sitting down with the kids and all our various Amazon gift certificates and ordering a bunch of things, including a bike seat (I plan to try this one; I'll let you know how it is).
  • As of this morning . . . I'm down 3.5 pounds!!!! I know it's early-diet water weight, but I don't care. It is so nice to see the scale needle go DOWN for once!!!! It's been a long time.
No Theme Days or Weekly Goals for next week. My mom eats tiny meals and goes to a gym, so I will endeavor to stay on track when I'm visiting her.

I will bring some of these books to California (whatever I don't finish before Wednesday a.m.):

I don't think I've mentioned that this is my new true love; Husband, Li'l Martini, and I are watching it together (we're up to Season 4), and we are obsessed:

These are not my fingernails, but believe me, I wish they were:

(My own fingers look . . . okay. I am trying so hard not to pick, even during Survivor challenges, even during the most tense moments of Breaking Bad. I am somewhat thwarted by the dry winter air, which chaps and cracks my skin. But I'm trying.)

Martini is having his 14th birthday party tonight — four teen boys, Magic cards, Wii and Xbox games, chocolate cupcakes, and liters of soda in violent Crayola colors. I've been ordered to stay far, far away. Mimosa and I plan to hole up in my bedroom with appetizers from the neighborhood Thai restaurant and watch a pile of movies. Nothin' but good times ahead.

Three and a half pounds!! I shall go dance with my vacuum to celebrate.

Lady C, a blithe spirit


  1. Fresca here (aka Frex):

    Hey, google ate my comment... maybe it's dieting and very hungry?

    Anyway, I had written taht your week sounds A+++ worthy to me, plus a few extra pluses for Starting Again, which takes some Big Oomph.
    And inspired---I keep trying to meet my Deceptively Simple Goal of eating three pieces of fresh fruit every day---funny how much easier it is to eat 3 of anything-else...
    But I have been doing better, and it truly helps me.

    I note the bike seat says it has weather resistant cover---but do they mean Minnesota weather?

    Help out this media-ignorant reader and tell me what that TV show it, please.
    The only TV I see these days is glimpses of "Starsky and Hutch" over the shoulder of my obsessed young roomie/foster child/ bane/delight of my life.
    (Do your children wash the dishes? Do their laundry?)

    Lady Chardonnay Dances with Vacuum--
    now there's a painting waiting to happen.

    1. Sorry about your comment! I hate when that happens. Thanks for your kind words — yep, resolutions are easy, follow-through . . . not so much. I will let you know my opinion of the bike seat when I get it. I'm counting on Amazon's return policy if all is not to my liking.

      My kids would do nothing around the house if I didn't push them, but yes, they each help with the dishes one night a week; Mimosa brings all the laundry downstairs and gets the first load started (I take it from there), and they fold the clothes together. It *cracks me up* that Marz is watching "Starsky and Hutch"!!!