Friday, April 17, 2015

Transitions, Tension, Travel, and Other Fun "T" Words — UPDATED with an update!

Still a ridiculous amount of STUFF going on at Chez Chardonnay!!

Mimosa is a high school junior, and "spring break" means one thing: heading to Florida with Dolores Hart and Yvette Mimieux!

OK, no. That is not what it means. Possibly to anyone but me, because I am 100. 

No, it means "college visit time." And the system is very organized; colleges have all sorts of things like tours and info sessions for incoming students, and it is possible to get a decent hotel rate when one has AAA or AARP or somesuch — but still. It all takes some organizing.

And also some self-control, as I burst into tears while booking the visit with the first college Admissions lady I spoke to. (She was nice about it though.)
Of course I want my daughter to grow up and go to college and be a self-sufficient!! Of course I want my daughter to stay by my side and be my best buddy/baby forever and ever! I am a living Push Me-Pull You.

So that's happening. Monday through Wednesday, we'll drive to Saratoga Springs, New York, and work our way back through Western Mass. A road trip with my daughter, we'll have fun. 

And then I'm planning Excursion #2 to D.C. with my family this August. Dad had always wanted to do this but never got around to it; Mom is now flooded with "life is short" fever, so — we're doing it! 

Which means: I'm doing it.

But I finally got the framework in place: Mom's plane tickets are purchased; after weighing the merits of Amtrak vs. driving ourselves, I've rented a minivan; our hotel suite is secured; and we have tickets for the Holocaust Museum, my and Mom's most-desired destination. And of course we'll go to as many Smithsonians and other attractions as we can. D.C. is such a cool town, and I'm hoping late August will feel more Septemberish, weather-wise, than summerish — time will tell.

So much going on! It's the hottest time of year for my church committee, all I do is make phone calls and e-mail people. Li'l Martini's in a show, my newly emerged yard needs serious care, I need Husband to get his stationary bike to work, my knees are killing me. Busy!!!!!!

(Right now I'm calling a different State Farm person, and her line has been busy for half an hour. Does that seem right?!)

I've been at my computer all morning, and my iPod is now recharged; I am going to walk a mile on my treadmill, lift some weights, do my knee PT, and work up a sweat, then take a hot shower and lie on my new couch with ice packs and my enticing stack of library books, because I have earned it


 But I have to walk the mile first, this is the deal I made with myself.

(State Farm chick's number is still busy. What the heck?)

Treadmill, treadmill, treadmill. Ugh. (I'd go outside but [a] it's raining and [b] I'm a major weenie.)

— Lady C, whose resolve is as flabby as her aging midsection 


It took 15 more minutes of "useful work" (i.e., trying to distract myself by feverishly checking e-mail and calling State Farm) but I made it to the treadmill, walked a brisk mile in 24 minutes (way slower than my glory days, but sister, I'll take it), lifted weights, and worked my sad little Jell-O core. I'm now going to do wall push-ups and stretch (part of my PT) and then the shower! the ice! the books!

My knees feel fine, though. I may not need ice at all. Though maybe it will prevent pain later?

The way I feel right now, the things that will hurt later are (a) my triceps and (b) my abs, ow ow ow.

Well, we'll see. Anyway — just wanted to report! I know how you doubt me.

Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. I know how I doubt me.

(And points to you if you know what movie I'm quoting!)



  1. If you have some free time while in DC (which will be summery, i.e. hot and sticky - sorry) we'd love to see you. Drop me a line.

    1. That just means the AC in all those museums will be that much more delish!

    2. Dude! I was trying to e-mail you and couldn't find your e-address anywhere! (well, except that I have your actual address - I guess I could've called)

      Anyway -- so great to hear from you, and I will be in touch. It would be grand to see you.

      And I'm ignoring your comments about hot and sticky, la la la, I hear nothing!

    3. Here you (and the universe) go:
      agmcintire at verizon dot net

  2. Tip one: Hit the Smithsonian Museums in the morning. In line, outside, in August, in DC is not fun. Tip two: Mimosa will be going to college, not you. Although, I suppose that UCSC will be a mandatory trip.

    1. Thank you for Tip one! Very good advice.

      As for Tip two: yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I really do. But no WAY is my precious cherub going as far as Santa Cruz!!!!!!

      (Seriously, I told her she can apply wherever she wants -- but she hasn't mentioned anything farther than a four-hour drive, New York in one direction and Vermont in the other, which is just fine with Mommy. I have very clear memories of your wife's out-of-state tuition costs, shoot me now)

  3. Willy Wonka.
    Also, good for you re working out and doing PT!
    And DC in August is full-on summer, but the public transportation is excellent and it's a very pleasant walking city with so much to see. I was unexpectedly emotional when seeing all the monuments.
    Mrs Cynicletary

    1. Smarty!!

      We are going to DC in LATE August, la la la la! It will practically be FALL, la la la la la!!! Just a few years ago, August temps in D.C. were (unexpectedly) in the 70s!!! I cling to that.

      And I know exactly what you mean about unexpected emotion; I was bursting with patriotism and incipient tears on my last visits. (On my first visit, I was a nanny, very lonely, visiting a former beau, and all I could think about was [1] how freaking hot it was in July, [2] former beau was just as annoying as I'd remembered, and [3] clearly I was never going to get married or meet anyone, ever, ever. No room for patriotism, my mind was full.)