Sunday, April 19, 2015

What FatSecret Just Told Me

My Weigh in Report

You lost 1.5 lb (0.5 %) since you last weighed in on Sunday 29 Mar 15.
At that rate it will take you about 61 months to get to your goal weight.
So, five years. I'll be done with Tamoxifen and fully post-menopausal. Ooh, what a skinny and spunky 57 year old I will be!

(I'm very proud of myself, because last night we got pizza from the best local pizza place, and after two slices — I usually have three and often four — I stopped and said, I'm satisfied. And I was! Proud, proud.)

Husband tightened all the screws and put new batteries in the panel for his stationary bike, so I have plans to give it a whirl after church. It hurt my knee and felt incredibly awkward the last time I tried it — it is really hard to bend my right knee past a certain point — but I think raising the seat should help, and I also have to remember that any new exercise is awkward at first until you get the hang of it, even something as relatively simple and familiar as riding a bike.

Back in the saddle again,

Lady C


  1. Hey, congratulations!
    One way or another, five years is going to pass anyway, eh?
    You inspire me.

    1. Thanks, doll. I appreciate it.

      I am inspired by stories of people who've lost tons of weight and who said that their first attempt at exercise was walking for two minutes. Two minutes!! But you've got to start somewhere, and I can certainly walk for more than two minutes. So I can't do an hour yet at a brisk pace, so what? **You've got to start somewhere.**

  2. By my math, you will completely disappear in five years. That's good, right?

    1. Hee! You haven't seen me for a few years, my friend -- I am twice the woman I used to be. And while there's more of me to love, for sure, I think my knees would be a LOT happier with a little less of Lady to haul around.

      And no, it would NOT be good if I disappeared in five years, ya freak.