Friday, May 15, 2015

An Unexpected Nemesis

To my astonishment, I had no work this morning — I'm in the midst of a huge project, but it's coming to me in bits and pieces, and as of today I'm totally caught up, with no new bits to edit. Eureka!

I had an industrious morning — wrote a long letter to Mrs. Fog Dog, whose birthday approaches, and wrapped and packaged up all her gifts; wrote the script that Lovely Tina, my awesome co-chair, and  I will read at the church election this Sunday; read two pieces for next week's Writers Group meeting; and dealt with Mount Chardonnay, all the stuff that had piled up on top of my dresser while I was immersed in work work work this week.

Then Husband and I had a lovely lunch date at Asian Fusion Hoody Doody, where I enjoyed sushi and hot tea and no wine, hurray for me! and we crossed several more things off our "to do" list. I am most excited about the four flowering hanging plants I bought, including a fuchsia!

He is most excited about his new multi-pack of multi-size Allen wrenches — though I'm excited about that too, because it means he can finally tighten the last of the loose pieces on our bike, which are kind of annoying.

Anyway! A fun day.

And then . . . we decided to buy cheeseburgers for dinner from Nick's Place, the local burger/sandwich joint, just around the corner, which has been there since we moved to Arlington but which we literally "discovered" just a few months ago.

And since this amazing discovery, we have each consumed, oh, 297 cheeseburgers. Approximately.

They are so good.

And here's my dilemma:

A Nick's burger is a messy thing. As I eat, I've got sauce running down my arm and smearing my chin. It doesn't matter how many napkins I tuck into my collar; my shirt always, always sports a stain or two afterward.

And for this reason, it's hard to put down. You can't really touch anything else with your filthy hands, and there's only one way through it . You might as well press on and keep eating.

These burgers are huge and satisfying. I really don't need to eat a whole one. But the idea of stopping two-thirds of the way in to seek some sort of container to put my uneaten third in, particularly while watching a gripping episode of Breaking Bad (we're in the final season!!! It is so so so so good!!!!!!) with sauce running down my arms — it is just not going to happen.

So tonight I ate the whole burger and I felt full and stuffed and slightly sick afterward, and I was so mad at myself! This is not how I eat now!! I eat like Dainty June!!!!!

Clearly I need a plan. Either I need to convince one of the kids to split a burger with me (possible but not 100 percent likely), or I need to slice it ahead of time and store the uneaten part before I start eating.

(I can hear Brunie yelling now, "Just throw it away!!!!" Have I not sufficiently stressed how delicious these burgers are?? True, leftover burger sounds sort of disgusting, and I am unlikely to eat it — but the idea of throwing it away before it becomes a leftover . . . that is just too foreign to me. I know I won't do it. I'll refrigerate it for a day or two, then throw it away. That's how I roll.)

Anyway. Because I ate so lightly at breakfast and lunch, I'm still within my calorie limit on Fat Secret for today, but my weight will probably be up in the a.m. C'est la vie.

Maybe I'll jog in place before bedtime. You never know.

(I know.)

— Lady C, realist

p.s. I did walk around my 'hood yesterday and had the great joy of running into Writer Jenny, who walked a block with me. I think I mentioned that she sold her latest book, Modern Girls, right? It won't be out till next spring, but it now has a stunningly gorgeous cover!!! Check it out!! I am so thrilled and happy for my friend!

But I digress.

So anyway, I walked and then took a bath, to soak my poor knees, but then stood for an hour that evening (because I'm ringing bells at my church, long story), and my knees really ached by bedtime. I iced and elevated them and rubbed in arnica, but I'm feeling them today, way more than I do after bike-riding. I probably should have iced right after walking, rather than taking a bath. Whatev. At least I exercised!

Today all I did was walk around Home Depot for an hour looking for glue sticks for my glue gun. Which Home Depot doesn't carry, apparently; they told me to go to a craft store.

Fuchsias, they carry. Glue, to mend things around my house??? Not so much.


  1. You are making me hungry for the visit. The boy will love it. Nick's, I mean.

    1. Um, hey, want to split a burger? Did I mention how filling they are?

  2. I love your love! And your determination to walk. But I'm unhappy to learn about the burgers. I had no idea...

    1. You had no idea how weak-willed I am? or how delicious they are?

      Um, I exaggerated. They're crap. Stay away!!!